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A call for applications, open to young European artists, for an artistic residency in a school in Grand Est (France), is launched within the framework of the Fabrique d'Europe, initiated by the French Ministry of Culture/ DRAC Grand Est (that is the regional directorate of cultural affairs in the Grand Est Region) and implemented by the Caranusca Association.

Who can apply? Artists who have graduated since 2010 from a higher education institution in Europe – in the fields of arts, architecture, live performance, journalism – with a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree or a Doctorate, with an expectation of B1 level of French, that is a lower intermediate – according to the Common European Framework.

The DRAC Grand Est awards 5000 euro to fund the residents' projects. The dedicated means are paid by the DRAC Grand Est to the supporting cultural structure partner of the project: the Caranusca association. The financial support includes the resident's remuneration and most of the expenses related to the residence (transportation, accommodation, meals, preparation costs).

The allocated budget includes all the dimensions of the project, both for the research part and for the transmission sessions to the school. Stakeholders will not be able to request additional financial support from the partner school. A possible financial participation can only be made at the initiative of the latter, in the case for example where one would like to extend the project through excursions or additional educational actions.

Implementation of the residency: from April to June 2020.

Deadline: 31 January 2020

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