mLAB > Research-Art Residency, GLOBAL IN/JUSTICE (Switzerland)

The experimental research platform mLAB, located at the Institute of Geography at the University of Bern, is pleased to announce the first residency open call for transdisciplinary research collaborations between academia, research, (digital) media, and arts. The residency aims to foster collaborations that experiment with new methodological approaches, forms of knowledge production, and science communication.

Resident teams are provided time, space and technology at the mLAB to develop independent projects, whether by focusing on research, critically reflecting upon their research and artistic practices, or writing or connecting with new agents within the arts and academia. 

The selected team(s) will work for a period of approximately one month between February and September 2020. No final product or presentation is required. However, the organisers expect that the residency will be used to develop insights that will lead to a follow-up project.

The first edition of the residency program deals with the topic of GLOBAL IN/JUSTICE. Our world is chronically suffering from a deficit of justice: uneven distribution of wealth, unequal freedom of movement, power disparities and the uncontrollable power of big data – these are just some of the examples of geographies of uneven development resulting from our global realities. These forms of economic, political, environmental, health and mobility injustices, however, are increasingly at the centre of political, and social movements revendicating justice on all scales ranging from the local to the global for different marginalised communities.

Reflecting its inter- and transdisciplinary character, the mLAB welcomes applications from a wide spectrum of disciplines (social science, humanities, natural science, interdisciplinary fields), research interests and questions.

Eligible proposals must come from teams with at least one team member employed in a research position at the University of Bern. Scientists or artists who are interested in collaboration but don’t have a contact at the university can express interest and the organisers will connect interested individuals with researchers via a digital platform (with an optional speed dating event in Bern in December 2019).

A working team will have a budget of 3000 – 10,000 CHF (2700 – 9100 EUR) at its disposal, which can be spent on the basis of a pre-agreed budget plan. The mLAB also provides a pool of equipment to realise film and audio projects and is equipped with several workstations with common video, sound editing and DTP software.

Deadline: 17 January 2020

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