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The nomination includes: - the city of Esch - 11 Luxembourg communes in the south of the country - 8 French Pays Haut Val d'Alzette communes (CCPHVA) As part of this European initiative, the not-for-profit organisation Esch2022 is launching a call for projects. These projects should contribute to the achievement of the general missions and objectives established by the European Capital of Culture.


Remixing means combining existing sources to produce a new or modified situation (and, in our specific case, to produce new forms of social cohesion). The REMIX concept has four pillars: Europe, Nature, Yourself and Art.

Esch2022 will act as a sort of cultural catalyst powered by its component areas, the city of Esch, the southern region with its eleven communes and the eight CCPHVA communes, and a new perception of Europeanness. Society, region facing complete transformation.

Due to profound societal, urban and regional changes, and the way these changes are perceived, this "shift" is a complex situation that elements of contemporary culture can highlight in an innovative and original way. Esch2022 will be witness to a period of transition.

Esch2022 will be the forum for a revamped vision of a Europe that transcends national boundaries and emphasises the diversity of the people and participants in these cultural activities. Including and being joined by over one hundred nationalities and languages: the possibilities are endless.

Esch2022 will above all drive a change in habits, stereotypes and the societal status quo. Using the notion of remixing to form new ties is a fundamental aspect of the Esch2022 artistic programme.

Co-funding | Financial contribution by the not-for-profit Esch2022 Calculation of the proposed grant value takes assessment criteria into account. Grants made by Esch2022 may be up to a maximum of 50% of total eligible costs. 

Deadline: 31 July 2019

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