GENERATOR (France) > Professional training for visual artists and International residence for curators

Initiated by 40mcube and carried out jointly with the European School of Art of Brittany, in partnership with the company Self Signal, GENERATOR is a professional training for young visual artists and a residency for curators.

A committee of professionals composed of an exhibition curator or an art centre director, an artist, a representative of EESAB and 40mcube selects four visual artists each year, who have graduated for at least two years, and gives them the means to fully focus on their artistic practice for a period of seven months. They develop and deepen their research work, produce works, build their professional networks and acquire good practices (administrative, legal, social, etc.). GENERATOR offers individualized support, a studio, financing and privileged meetings with contemporary art professionals in France and abroad.

GENERATOR selects two to four curators each year for a one-month prospecting trip in Brittany. They meet artists and professionals who live there and write one or two texts on the work of the artists in the program. GENERATOR ofers each of them a workspace, funding and privileged meetings with contemporary art professionals in Brittany.

Deadline: 21 June 2019

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