Call for Applications for Composer-in-Residence at Farmleigh 2019 (Ireland)

Farmleigh has been developing its Writer-in-Residence programme since 2006.  This residency programme is designed to offer artists the opportunity to develop their artform and to engage with the general public and visitors to Farmleigh.

The Office of Public Works (OPW) and Farmleigh In consultation with The Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland (CMC) have decided to offer this residency to a composer in 2019. 

The Composer/Writer-in-Residence at Farmleigh 2019 programme is supported in kind by CMC. This residency will be managed by Farmleigh through the Writer-in-Residence programme, and is open to composers working in any area of contemporary classical music and/or sound art. 

The composer selected will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Farmleigh, which will regulate the residency.


This residency at Farmleigh is envisaged as part-time, which will allow for the ongoing schedule of work of the Composer/Writer-in-Residence. 

It is a requirement of this residency that the Composer/Writer-in-Residence compose, during the course of the residency, at least one new work to be premiered at an event in Farmleigh during the course of the residency.  The Composer/Writer-in-Residence will also be required to develop public engagement and interaction with the artform via a combination of at least four (4) masterclasses, workshops and/or performances in conjunction with Farmleigh.  A reasonable amount of production costs may be agreed for the above events, masterclasses, workshops and/or performances. 

The Composer/Writer-in-Residence will have access, for agreed periods and times, to working and living space at Farmleigh (subject to the State’s needs at any time during the residency).  This residency also attracts a fee of €4,200.

Deadline: 23 April 2019

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