WE ARE NEVER ALONE > Residency opportunity by METASITU (Ukraine)

The rise of ‘socially-driven’ practices which focus on ‘social-sculpting’, ‘participation’ and ‘community engagement’, particularly in the realm of urbanism, have led to the rise of a general awareness of the transformative qualities that art practice can have as a tool for creating kinship, but also its pitfalls.

Artistic interventions that parachute into an unfamiliar context, disruptive projects that can foster new discursive frameworks, artists whose responsibility ‘ends’ at the same time as the project’s budget timeline, individuals whose lives are positively transformed forever, toxic hierarchies being validated and perpetuated unintentionally, cognitive emancipations, and unforeseen limitations.

The success of these practices is often quantified through tangible outcomes, such as spatial interventions or ephemeral performances, yet it is their non-material aspects that often have the greatest impact, and leave the strongest legacy. The individual experiences and the social bonds, created and destroyed, framed and carved, that brought together different individuals under a common umbrella.

WE ARE NEVER ALONE is a residency project curated by METASITU within the context of the second City Scanning Sessions urban festival, MANUFUTURING, in Ivano Frankivsk (Ukraine). The organisers are inviting ten practitioners -  activists, urbanists, cultural workers, artists, architects, researchers, writers, theorists, performers, scientists, among others - from Ukraine and abroad, to join them for one month to develop, reflect, criticise, experiment, and suggest new forms of urban participatory practices.

Each of the ten selected residents will receive a total of 11,700 UAH in PER DIEMS,  to cover their day-to-day expenses in Ivano-Frankivsk for the entire duration of the residency (food, transport around the city, etc.); as well as a HONORARIUM of 12,000 UAH, which will be paid upon completion of the residency.

Upon arrival, the City Scanning Sessions Festival will reimburse the TRAVEL EXPENSES of the selected residents, up to 9,000 UAH each.

Deadline: 21 April 2019

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