Call for projects 2019-2020 for cooperation between Québec and the Nordic countries

The Government of Québec and the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) invite you to submit an application for financial support to carry out a co-operation project in the fields of Culture, Society, Research and Innovation between Québec and the Nordic countries.

The joint call for proposal between the parties seeks to:

  • Promote the sustainable development of each society, taking into account the cultural, social, economic, environmental and/or territorial factors of the projects. 

  • Encourage exchanges between the two regions by fostering knowledge to respective entity's cultural presence;

  • Promote co-creation and co-dissemination of artworks and cultural products, namely through exchange programmes involving artists, directors and authors, the holding of public events and the development of partnerships between cultural institutions on both sides; 

  • Favour a better mutual understanding through the consolidation of networks and sharing of expertise;

  • Promote cooperation between researchers in targeted fields of interest on both sides.

The fields of culture, societyresearch and innovation have been chosen as priority areas. Special attention will be given to projects involving partners between ages 25 to 35. The aim is to facilitate concrete cooperation in these areas in the long term. Projects can have a one or two year’s horizon. Please note that the funding for the second year will not be automatically renewed. It will be granted on the basis of a positive evaluation by the committee (progress of the project, use of the previous funding, budget estimates for the second year) and subjected to the available budgetary envelope. A report must submitted by February 28th 2020.  

Co-operation project support must not substitute the support usually granted by other financing organisations. Please note that financial support per project per year cannot exceed $10,000 CAD from the Québec government and the Nordic Council of Ministers. One year project will also be considered. The Québec government and the Nordic Council of Ministers have each allocated per year respectively $55,000 CAD and 300,000 DKK to support a number of cooperation projects. 

The following expenses are eligible:

• Transportation costs for return travel between Québec and the Nordic countries;

• Per diems;

• Publication, promotion and information dissemination fees associated with the project;

• Fees linked to a jointly created work;

• Other fees linked to the holding of a public event (venue rental costs, transportation of works, etc.). 

Deadline: 16 December 2018

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