Art Futures Fellowship 2025 (Greece)

Spider webs in a dark, gothic-looking building with windows partly appearing on the bottom left.

Artists from the performing arts are invited to apply for an Art Futures Fellowship. The Fellowship includes a two-month residency at Space for International Cooperation [SIC] in Athens, Greece from mid-February to mid-April 2025.

The Fellowship prioritises proposals with a clear view on how the fellowship, including the residency period, is embedded in the overall practice of the applicant and how the Fellowship is essential for the further development of the artistic practice and discourse of the applicant. The proposal should outline how the artist will engage in meaningful interactions within the city of Athens and/or its institutions, and communities.

The selected fellows are mentored by the Critical Friends, an international platform Art Futures developed, that meets annually to discuss ‘the role of the arts and higher arts education in future societies, in an international arena’.

Through the host organisation [SIC] and its local networks, including arts venues (theatres, galleries, museums etc.), educational partners, and grass root initiatives, the organisers aim for the Residency to be embedded in the cultural and social fabric of Athens. The project space offer possibilities for a final presentation of the outcomes as well as for research or collaborative works.

Successful applicants will receive accommodation and a total expense allowance of 4,000 EUR, which is intended to cover travel costs/expenses, a visa (where necessary) and subsistence over the residency period.


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