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Antikythera: Speculative Design-Research Studio (USA / Mexico / South Korea)


The Antikythera mechanism was among the earliest known computers. Discovered at the Greek island of Antikythera, it combined calculation, orientation and cosmology. Taking on this legacy, Antikythera is a programme reorienting planetary computation as a philosophical, technological, and geopolitical force. It is organised by Berggruen Institute and One Project.

Computation today poses technical challenges and contradictions; it also demands deep political and philosophical reconsideration. Ultimately, it challenges how intelligence comprehends itself. The scientific idea of ‘climate change’, for example, is a conceptual accomplishment of planetary scale computation. It is the output of sensors, simulations and supercomputers. As such, computation has made the contemporary notion of the planetary and the ‘Anthropocene’ conceivable, accountable, and actionable.

Antikythera’s five-month speculative design-research Studio will run from February to June 2023. Studio Researchers from diverse professional backgrounds (including all design disciplines, architecture, computer science, economics, philosophy, history, science and technologies studies, political science, digital media, filmmaking, and others) will take part in collaborative design briefs, theory seminars, and technical workshops to create projects contributing to a growing body of research building on the programme’s themes. Project outcomes will take form as theory, cinema, software, models, prototypes, policies and more. Concepts ideated during the Studio may be further developed through a network of supporters after the five month programme. The Studio is directed by designer and creative director Nicolay Boyadjiev.

The program is split between Los Angeles, Mexico City and Seoul. Studio researchers will be supported with a housing provision and a monthly stipend of 4000 USD per month (or equivalent relative to location) for the duration of the programme. The trips to Mexico City and Seoul will be also covered by the programme, along with other associated programme costs.


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