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Allianz Foundation: Climate Cultures Call

A pink rubber art deco phone - a child's toy - is balanced on a wooden post in a grassy field, with a canal in the background.

In order to be able to effectively counteract climate change, we need to change our mindset. What is needed are holistic approaches that take into account the connection between global warming and social climate – and from this obtain incentives for the urgently needed transformation of our cultural practices and paradigms. Along with the ecological aspects, consequences of the climate crisis such as social upheaval, displacement and migration, and growing nationalism must also be considered.

The Allianz Foundation’s Climate Cultures Call supports projects and initiatives that are situated at the intersection between climate and culture, and work toward sustainable solutions for open societies and a healthy and habitable planet.

The open call is aimed at actors from the civil society, arts and culture, and environmental protection sectors. Allianz Foundation explicitly welcome applications from members of younger generations as well as from people or organisations that work across borders and/or do outreach work with target groups that are especially diverse.

Ten projects will be funded in which artists, cultural workers, activists, environmentalists, citizens’ initiatives, NGOs, scientists, start-ups or urban planners from Europe and the Mediterranean establish alliances for a new climate culture.

Allianz Foundation are looking for projects:

  • That establish new alliances for fighting the climate crisis in a way that includes social and cultural perspectives.
  • That create new narratives that make the necessary socio-ecological change tangible as a benefit and motivate more people to take action for the climate.
  • That include many voices and take intersectional, cross-generational or postcolonial perspectives into account, among others.
  • That raise questions about justice for the societies of the present and for future generations.

Projects can be funded for up to 50,000 euros. The funding period is 15 March - 31 December 2023. The Climate Cultures Call is a special call responding to the urgency of the current challenges. The applications are quickly reviewed, and funding will be awarded expediently. If we don’t act today, the risks for the future will become incalculable.


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