Flanders Arts Institute

Flanders Arts Institute is an interface organisation and expertise centre for the performing arts, visual arts and classical music in Flanders, Belgium. The organisation supports and stimulates the development of the arts sector and policymaking, and caters to both national and international professional arts audiences.

Flanders Arts Institute is active in three main areas:

  • Research and analysis: collecting, analysing and publishing data on the arts landscape.
  • Information and advice: providing information and advice to artists and art organisations in Flanders, and to international professionals who want to work with Flanders.
  • Matchmaking and international promotion: connecting nationally and internationally, and stimulating artists and art organisations in Flanders to engage in sustainable international relations.
  • Innovation and development: developing tools for fair remuneration, gathering knowledge on more sustainable and inclusive working, and exploring new ways of collaborating in the arts.

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  • Two rough earth-like globes hover in the air like part balloons.
    Podcast: Sustainability and International Collaboration in the Arts
    Five conversations with arts leaders and artists from various geographical zones and contexts, about the question of sustainable international work in the arts.
    Posted 20 March 2023
  • A neat glass fronted building - the entry to Flanders Arts Institute.
    Flanders Arts Institute: Part-time Project Coordinator for Brexit Adjustment Reserve (Belgium)
    Flanders Arts Institute is looking for an experienced project coordinator to coordinate the Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR) project. This is a part-time contract of one or two days a week and a maximum duration of 14 months, based in Brussels.
    Posted 26 September 2022
  • Kunstenpunt logo - name in caps and then a gap running through the middle, like someone has drawn an eraser through the centre of the word.
    Flanders Arts Institute: Call for Proposals, ‘Diversity in the Arts’
    Flanders Arts Institute is calling for proposals for projects that can improve diversity in the arts field in Flanders and Brussels. Artistic projects are not supported, but otherwise a wide range of initiatives from tools to knowledge networks can be proposed, and by applicants around the world.
    Posted 22 June 2021
  • A blooming cloud of bright blue smoke in between two graffitied walls.
    Flanders Arts Institute: Call for Proposals for Working Sustainably Internationally (Online)
    Are there any issues around international work that concern you? Do you have ideas on how to make it more sustainable, and do you feel like working out some of them with a group of people sharing the same concern over a period of maximum one year? This call is open to artists and arts professionals in Flanders, Belgium or elsewhere in the world. Seven applicants will be selected to form a working group, first coming together in April 2021, to generate new ideas for sustainable international work.
    Posted 2 March 2021
  • Photo of the (Re)framing the International card game: two boxes stacked atop one another.
    (Re)framing the International: a card game for art workers
    On the Move is a big fan of this card game developed by the Flanders Arts Institute: it can be an excellent basis to facilitate group discussions on internationalising one’s practices in the performing arts’ sector. This card game was developed in the context of (Re)framing the International, a research & development trajectory on new ways of working internationally in the arts.
    Posted 9 December 2019
  • Screenshot of the residency and workspace website. Shows tiled images of various residency spaces around Belgium.
    Residencies and Workspaces in Brussels and Flanders
    With this website, Flanders Arts Institute aims to inform artists and art professionals from Belgium and abroad by providing easy access to information about residencies and workspaces in the fields of visual arts, performing arts and music in Flanders and Brussels as well as internationally.
    Posted 23 June 2018