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The Arts and Theatre Institute collects, processes, and provides access to collectible materials relating to the theatre. They conduct research and pursue educational activities, participate in international projects, and publish specialised and scholarly literature. They are also home to the Creative Europe Desk Czech Republic – Culture Programme.

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  • Cover for Czech Republic Mobility Guide. Simple title text with a dark blue quarter circle graphic in the bottom corner.
    Mobility Funding Guide to Czech Republic
    Our guide to cross-border mobility for artists and cultural workers from and travelling to Czech Republic. This cultural mobility funding guide lists national, local and international resources from both public and private funders. Two kinds of opportunity are included: outgoing and incoming. The outgoing opportunities are for nationals and residents of Czech Republic wishing to travel outside the country. The incoming opportunities are for nationals from other countries who want to travel to Czech Republic.
    Funding Guides
    Posted 22 July 2020
  • Still from Culture of Mobility in the Time of Climate Change video. Shows the title of the session projected onto a screen.
    Culture of Mobility in the Time of Climate Change
    What is the impact of the international exchange in culture on the climate of our planet? How does it influence today’s cities and how can we measure it? How can public institutions give a boost to sustainable mobility within their funding programs?
    Posted 13 July 2020