Toolkits and guides

MIP tools

The Ultimate Cookbooks for Cultural Managers by Pearle* - Live Performance Europe and EFA - European Festivals’ Association (a selection)

Other resources (selection):

Check as well for additional resources the resources’ page of Pearle*.

Bilateral checklists

Bilateral checklists developed in 2020-2021 between the MIPs in Belgium, France and Germany (Cultuurloket, MobiCulture and touring artists) with the support of the Région Grand-Est:

Other bilateral checklists

Working between France and Switzerland:

Transporting works of art between Switzerland and Germany:

Other checklists and articles

Resources on transversal issues while in mobility

On the Move

On the Move resources can be used to tackle transversal issues and challenges faced by mobile artists and culture professionals.

FIA - International Federation of Actors

  • FIA Handbook on combatting sexual violence: see the report and the resources here.

Policy and advocacy reports or documents

Mention of the MIPs in policy documents (short selection)

Advocacy reports on (Schengen) visas

Information portals and help desks

Information portals and help desks at a European level are important to support the mobility of citizens within the EU. Their services offer information on mobility in particular, as well as on life and work in other member countries, and specific issues such as social security, work, residence, etc.

Likewise there are problem-solving agencies that can be directly contacted by EU citizens. Here are a few examples of such services:

Your Europe Advice

Your Europe Advice is an EU advice service for the public, provided by the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS). It consists of a team of independent lawyers who cover all EU official languages and are familiar both with EU law and national laws in all EU countries. They provide free and personalised advice, clarify the European law that applies, and explain how EU rights can be exercised.
Your Europe Advice website


European cooperation network of employment services, designed to facilitate the free movement of workers.
EURES website


Problem-solving network that deals with problems between individuals or companies and the authorities in another country, in cases where there is a possible misapplication of EU law.
SOLVIT website


The centres help to bring the EU closer to people. They answer questions about EU policies, programmes and priorities and are ready to proactively engage with citizens and stakeholders so that they feel more involved in the European project.
EUROPE DIRECT centres website

Creative Europe Desks (CEDs)

National contact points for the EU Creative Europe programme. CEDs are designed to provide information about and promote the Creative Europe programme in their country and to assist the cultural and creative sectors in relation to the programme and other support opportunities. Some CEDs also offer MIP services, such as in The Netherlands (DutchCulture) and Slovenia (Motovila).
Creative Europe Desks website

This is How We Work

This is How We Work platform is a unique EU-wide knowledge resource solely focused on working conditions in the cultural and creative sector. Providing concise and factual information, it allows for comparative mappings and issue-based analysis. This is one-stop-shop resource to access concise and user-friendly information on key aspects of working conditions in the cultural sector in the 27 EU member states: regulatory status, social security, labour relations, learning and skills, and artistic freedom.

This is How We Work website