About us

Mobility Info Points (MIPs) are information centres and/or websites tackling administrative challenges that artists and culture professionals can face when working across borders. Key issues are visas, social insurance, taxes, and customs.

MIPs are central contact points for artists and culture professionals as well as organisations hosting or collaborating with them (producers, managers, curators, artistic companies or ensembles, venues, festivals, residency spaces, etc.) when it comes to administrative issues of international mobility in relation to their respective countries.

MIPs currently exist in 8 EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, and The Netherlands), as well as in the United Kingdom and the USA.

MIPs are all members of On the Move, the international cultural mobility information network. The idea for the MIPs originated in the PRACTICS project in 2008-2011, which On the Move was part of.

MIPs regularly collaborate with networks and organisations such as Pearle* - Live Performance Europe and ECAS - European Citizen Action Service, as well as with other OTM members such as alba KULTUR, FIA - International Federation of Actors, etc.

Do you want to become an MIP? Consult the MIP Handbook and then contact mobility@on-the-move.org for more information.