Question Time: on-line space for dialogue and confrontation meant to develop a path of reflection on cultural policies

Question Time is a platform for dialogue and confrontation to open a debate on different current issues. Each theme will be proposed as a question on a specific issue. Those questions are meant to start an interactive reflection and are opened to anyone wishing to give its answer or opinions about the different topics. In collaboration with BJCEM, Artlab2012, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo.

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Global Platforms for Korean Contemporary Art: the Artro and the Apro

Korea Arts Management Service has opened Korean/English websites focusing on Korean contemporary arts: the Apro, on visual arts, and the Artro, on performing arts. Check them today!

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Theatre Without Borders. Connecting theatre artists worldwide

We invite you to discover Theatre Without Borders, an informal, volunteer, virtual community that shares information and builds connections between individuals and institutions interested in international theatre exchange. TWB is a virtual and practical space for creating artist-to-artist, people-to-people connections and for sharing knowledge, information and skills. Find out more...

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ON-AiR: Reflecting on the mobility of artists in Europe

After a two year collaboration the ON-AiR partners present: ON-AiR: Reflecting on the mobility of artists in Europe. With this publication the partners of the ON-AiR project aim to take you on a ‘journey’, reflecting on the current state of mobility in which the artists in Europe operate and their art flourishes. It also includes a summary of the results and outcomes of the ON-AiR project.

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EuroFIA Handbook - Dancers' Career Transition - Available now - English; Français; Español

Dancers are highly mobile professionals through the various stages of their career. This handbook compiles and analyses the data and information collected through desk research and a survey of EuroFIA members. It also offers a review of relevant national and international resources on dancers’ career transitions.

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WorldCP Asia: Fostering Cultural Policy Research and Dialogue in Asia

The WorldCP Asia, being currently developed by the Asia-Europe Foundation, is part of this worldwide database of country-specific profiles of cultural policies.

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Moving to the EU? Wondering if you need a visa? And how to get a working permit? Have a look at the EU immigration portal!

The EU Immigration Portal serves as a first point of entry to reliable, practical and up-to-date information on immigration issues. It provides useful basic information written in user-friendly language, and gives rapid and direct access to relevant external websites for further details

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Launch of WorldCP, database of country-specific profiles of cultural policies

WorldCP is a ongoing project that already holds cultural policies profiles of 15 countries in five continents -- keep an eye on this useful resource for researchers, journalists, networks, institutions, NGOs and governments!

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Travelogue: Mapping Performing Arts Mobility In Europe, SPACE pilot project for artist mobility

The SPACE project has undertaken experimental research in linking and sharing data on international performing arts touring across Europe and produced some extraordinary maps through the Travelogue.

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The Art of Difference : From Europe as a cultural project to EU policies for culture, by Gottfried Wagner (2011)

Gottfried Wagner, former Director of the European Cultural Foundation, has written a new publication looking at Europe as a cultural project and the development of EU policies for culture. Available in pdf - free download.

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I showed her my work and so she started to know me, IETM (2003)

Case studies of international collaborations within and with the Med region. Commissioned by the European Cultural Foundation

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Every Step has an Echo (2003)

An analysis of case studies of cultural cooperation projects between and amongst South Eastern and Western European artists and operators, commissioned by the European Cultural Foundation and conducted by IETM in May 2003.

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Visit Mobiloutil, French toolbox for international mobility - Visitez Mobiloutil, portail qui recense des outils pratiques facilitant la mobilité internationale

The French website Mobiloutil offers a database of tool for those who want to organize the mobility, those who want to go, other who want to welcome trainees, and more links regarding international mobility.

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New Media Lifes - research on new media workers in Asia and Europe

The New Media Workers Research Platform, which happened in Shanghai, China, in 2010, explored the living and working conditions of new media workers in Asia and Europe. A group of new media practitioners, artists and civil society organisers, discussed and researched the transformations taking place in the web-based industries in the two regions. The research is then published online in a project website – Transit Labour Circuits, Regions, Borders.

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Your Europe: Help and advice on your life, work and travel in the EU

Your Europe portal, the official source of information and assistance to help mobile Europeans understand and defend their EU rights.

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Join and interact with the International Coalition for Arts, Human Rights & Social Justice

The International Coalition for Arts, Human Rights & Social Justice is a network of aligned people and organisations who represent social and cultural movements, human rights organisations, artist collectives and associations, artist residencies, host cities and communities of conscience.

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Co-production and touring

IETM invited Guy Cools, independent producer, to write a document on the dos and don'ts of co-production and touring in Europe. (version française dans l'article)

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Wooloo.org was launched by the artist group Wooloo Productions in 2002 as a platform to connect with other artists and the projects we all work on. Since then, the ongoing Wooloo mission has been to facilitate relationships between members of artistic communities around the world.

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Crossing Borders: The state of artists mobility

A compilation of cases on the hurdles of artists mobility put together by three intersecting networks: Res Artis, freeDimensional and The Upgrade.

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Virtual mobility: a contribution to artistic innovations, participatory approach and new angle of policy making: an interview with Judith Staines

On-the-Move has launched last April "Excited Atoms" an exploration of virtual mobility in the contemporary performing arts. The author, Judith Staines, in an interview to Lidia Varbanova from the Labforculture.org describes the main challenges raised by the virtual mobility world to artists and policy makers.

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