European Cultural Foundation (ECF) - 10 years of STEP Beyond Travel Grants (online publication)

ECF has prepared the publication "10 Years STEP Beyond Travel Grants (2003-2013)" offering an overview of the past, present and future of ECF’s flagship mobility grants programme, as well as giving a voice to some of the cultural change-makers involved.

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Checkpoints, Teaching Theatre in Conflict Zones

"I am at Gate C 63. In the International Terminal at Newark Airport. New York to Dubai / and from Dubai to Iraq." Read the touching article by Jessica Litwak, Theatre Without Borders (OTM member).

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Enabling Crossovers: Good Practices in the Creative Industries in Asia and Europe

The publication includes 36 good practices in policy and practice from 33 countries in Asia and Europe, and covers 4 areas: creative skills, creative entrepreneurs, creative cities – sustainability, and creative cities - quality of life. Free download.

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International mobility toolkit by Battery Dance Company

Learn from the extensive international experience of Battery Dance Company through this online platform, The Cultural Diplomacy Toolkit! It will help you avoid doing the same mistakes experienced by Battery Dance Company, and will motivate you to think differently about the meaning of bilateral engagement and what the arts can achieve.

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European abroad - experiences of residency and co-production by META project

In the frame of its EU-funded project META, the IN SITU network has developed "Europeans abroad", aiming to create bridges with artistic and cultural partners outside Europe in the form of residencies or co-productions. Read about their experiences!

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Report of the Arab-Balkan exchange platform – ArtGet Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

The Roberto Cimetta Fund (RCF) organised the “Arab-Balkan - platform for exchange” on 11th September 2013 in Belgrade in the framework of the YUropa[2] conference coordinated by the Serbian Cultural Contact Point. Read the report online and discover more about the RCF' initiative of a knowledge sharing forum.

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A strong ripple effect : An evaluation of the Korea-Finland Connection programme 2010-2012

Discover more about the mobility experiences of the Korea-Finland Connection coordinated by the Korean Arts Management Service (KAMS) and Dance Info Finland (DIF) in 2010-2012, through this report by Mary Ann DeVlieg and Judith Staines.

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Interartive magazine: special issue on Art + Mobility

A great contribution to the subject of art and mobility with numerous articles and references to understand the multiple aspects of artists' mobility. More than 15 articles and an online exhibition not to be missed!

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Bread and Salt Stories of Artists and Migration: A free online publication

"Bread and salt" is a new book exploring issues of migration through the experiences of 18 artists living in Europe who began life and their creative practice in other parts of the world. Written by François Matarasso, with images by Bill Ming, and two poems in Hindi by Mohan Rana. Dutch text by Marco Derks. Free publication online.

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AMAZE ME, Opera for young audiences in Europe

Discover a European best of of productions for young audiences, both of new creations and repertoire revisited. Of well known stories and contemporary subject matters. Of participatory operas, cross-arts adventures, small formats and main-stage productions. Find out more about productions for teens, for children, and even for toddlers... All of this and much more in AMAZE ME, the new publication by RESEO - free download.

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Mapping South: Journeys in South-South cultural relations

Commissioned by international arts organisation The South Project, Mapping South: Journeys in South-South Cultural Relations is a publication celebrating 10 years of cultural exchange and dialogue between arts practitioners from countries of the southern hemisphere.

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Fresh Circus #2 - digital publication now online

The digital publication made after the Fresh Circus #2 conference (Paris, April 2012) is now available online! This publication highlights inspiring initiatives and echoes the positive energy and lively discussions of the 2-days meeting at Parc et Grande Halle de la Villette, and includes the synthesis of the session "Green circus arts": what environmental responsibilities? attended and moderated by On the Move!

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Find useful "Resources" on Trans Europe Halles' website!

The Resource section of Trans Europe Halles' website collects and shares experiences, tools and knowledge by and for independent cultural operators, on several issues. Find out more, browse the resources and suggest what you want to see published!

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CLEISS (Centre of European and International Liaisons for Social Security)

To facilitate the ever-increasing movement of people between countries, France and Europe have an international legal framework which ensures efficient coordination of national social security systems for persons moving outside national boundaries. The Cleiss is the French hub organisation involved in implementing these agreements on behalf of public authorities and social security organisations, with respect to all risks and social security schemes. The Cleiss acts as a liaison body between the French social security institutions and their foreign counterparts. It is a French public institution.

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International Symposium on Cultural and Sustainable Development 2012 - reports and interventions

The International Symposium (Paris, autumn 2012) brought together 330 artists, researchers, experts, and professionals in the fields of culture and sustainable development, as well as political decision-makers and representatives of international organizations. The goal was to highlight innovative practices, create new partnerships, and devise strategies to strengthen and promote the link between culture and sustainable development. Videos and report are now available online.

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Between Crisis and New Beginnings - EUNIC Yearbook 2011

How can Europe make clear what it stands for? How can Europe show that it goes beyond words and takes action? What are the advantages of a common European foreign cultural policy? And how can Europe benefit from its specific capabilities? Thirty authors from twenty countries answer these questions in the new edition of Culture Report. Available for free download.

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EU-level info services and resources related to mobility

Resources' list from the document: Information Standards for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals (2011). Links to EU-level information services for citizens, such as Your Europe Advice, SOLVIT, Europe Direct, Culture Contact Points, as well as for businesses.

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Center for Sustainable Practices in the Arts

The CSPA provides a network of resources to artists and arts organizations by gathering and distributing information from partnering information sources, and through the development of special initiatives designed to enable sustainable practices while maintaining artistic excellence. The CSPA views sustainability in art-making through environmentalism, economic stability, and strengthened cultural infrastructure.

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Cultural Box: virtual video library about cultural policy

Cultural Box is a virtual library specialised in cultural management and cultural policy, devised by the Cultural Policy and Management Programme of the University of Barcelona. With over a thousand recorded references, in continuing development, it presents a search engine aimed at becoming a useful tool for professionals, students and experts interested in these fields. The platform is available in four languages (Catalan, Spanish, English and French).

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Cultural maps by Ars Baltica

The ARS BALTICA Cultural Map offers a selection of links from the broad range of cultural activities in the Baltic Sea Region, covering following countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

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