Pearle* > Jobs Portal for the Live Performance Sector

Pearle*, the European employers association and sector federation in the live performance sector, has opened a new feature in their website’s resource centre: a portal presenting job platforms from across Europe. Users can search by country and/or main job categories: musicians, performers, technicians and other off-stage jobs. From there they can go to the respective job portal where they can pursue their search for vacancies.

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Residencies and Workspaces in Brussels and Flanders

With this website, Flanders Arts Institute aims to inform artists and art professionals from Belgium and abroad by providing easy access to information about residencies and workspaces in the fields of visual arts, performing arts and music in Flanders and Brussels as well as internationally.

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E-connector Asia-Europe | A glossary on cultural mobility

This E-connector - supported by ASEF Culture360 in partnership with the Luxemburgish Agency for Cultural Affairs and Planting Rice - comes in the form of a glossary which will help to tackle some key issues related to the mobility of artists and cultural professionals between Asia and Europe, be it for touring, residency, collaborations, training, meeting participation, exploration visit for a project, job shadowing experience and more.

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Toolkit for Theatre Production and Mobility

This website gives theatre professionals practical advice on producing a stage play and taking a show on the road. The toolkit includes budget examples, sample contracts, tips for distribution of duties and other essential production tools. Main target groups: production managers, producers, directors.

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touring artists: Residencies – finding, choosing, and applying

touring artists, the information portal for artists and cultural professionals working internationally, published a new piece of information on the topic ‘residencies‘. The information for Germany-based artists searching a residency abroad and for artists abroad looking for an opportunity in Germany was collected by On the Move, in collaboration with DutchCulture I TransArtists.

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International mobility toolkit by Battery Dance Company

Learn from the extensive international experience of Battery Dance Company through this online platform, The Cultural Diplomacy Toolkit! It will help you avoid doing the same mistakes experienced by Battery Dance Company, and will motivate you to think differently about the meaning of bilateral engagement and what the arts can achieve.

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Find useful "Resources" on Trans Europe Halles' website!

The Resource section of Trans Europe Halles' website collects and shares experiences, tools and knowledge by and for independent cultural operators, on several issues. Find out more, browse the resources and suggest what you want to see published!

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CLEISS (Centre of European and International Liaisons for Social Security)

To facilitate the ever-increasing movement of people between countries, France and Europe have an international legal framework which ensures efficient coordination of national social security systems for persons moving outside national boundaries. The Cleiss is the French hub organisation involved in implementing these agreements on behalf of public authorities and social security organisations, with respect to all risks and social security schemes. The Cleiss acts as a liaison body between the French social security institutions and their foreign counterparts. It is a French public institution.

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EU-level info services and resources related to mobility

Resources' list from the document: Information Standards for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals (2011). Links to EU-level information services for citizens, such as Your Europe Advice, SOLVIT, Europe Direct, Culture Contact Points, as well as for businesses.

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Cultural maps by Ars Baltica

The ARS BALTICA Cultural Map offers a selection of links from the broad range of cultural activities in the Baltic Sea Region, covering following countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

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Global Platforms for Korean Contemporary Art: the Artro and the Apro

Korea Arts Management Service has opened Korean/English websites focusing on Korean contemporary arts: the Apro, on visual arts, and the Artro, on performing arts. Check them today!

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WorldCP Asia: Fostering Cultural Policy Research and Dialogue in Asia

The WorldCP Asia, being currently developed by the Asia-Europe Foundation, is part of this worldwide database of country-specific profiles of cultural policies.

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Moving to the EU? Wondering if you need a visa? And how to get a working permit? Have a look at the EU immigration portal!

The EU Immigration Portal serves as a first point of entry to reliable, practical and up-to-date information on immigration issues. It provides useful basic information written in user-friendly language, and gives rapid and direct access to relevant external websites for further details

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Launch of WorldCP, database of country-specific profiles of cultural policies

WorldCP is a ongoing project that already holds cultural policies profiles of 15 countries in five continents -- keep an eye on this useful resource for researchers, journalists, networks, institutions, NGOs and governments!

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Travelogue: Mapping Performing Arts Mobility In Europe, SPACE pilot project for artist mobility

The SPACE project has undertaken experimental research in linking and sharing data on international performing arts touring across Europe and produced some extraordinary maps through the Travelogue.

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Visit Mobiloutil, French toolbox for international mobility - Visitez Mobiloutil, portail qui recense des outils pratiques facilitant la mobilité internationale

The French website Mobiloutil offers a database of tool for those who want to organize the mobility, those who want to go, other who want to welcome trainees, and more links regarding international mobility.

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New Media Lifes - research on new media workers in Asia and Europe

The New Media Workers Research Platform, which happened in Shanghai, China, in 2010, explored the living and working conditions of new media workers in Asia and Europe. A group of new media practitioners, artists and civil society organisers, discussed and researched the transformations taking place in the web-based industries in the two regions. The research is then published online in a project website – Transit Labour Circuits, Regions, Borders.

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Your Europe: Help and advice on your life, work and travel in the EU

Your Europe portal, the official source of information and assistance to help mobile Europeans understand and defend their EU rights.

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IAMIC - International Association of Music Information Centres

The International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC) is a worldwide network of organisations working on a non-profit basis to promote and document the music of our time. Each member-organisation focusses on the music of its own country or region. Most cover all genres from contemporary and classical music to jazz, rock, popular music, world music and other forms, while some centres focus on a particular musical field.

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body>data>space is a collective of artists and designers based in East London. They are engaged in creating fascinating connections between performance, architecture, new media and virtual worlds.

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