Publications, Projects and Mapping related to refugees and migrants

Last update:  18 October 2019

Many organisations and networks in Europe have started to publish mapping, researches and online information about refugees' integration through art and culture and refugees / migrants as artists. This page is about listing these initiatives. Feel free to email mobility(at)on-the-move.org for further inputs.

Publications / mapping / Guidelines

Arts and Refugees: Multidisciplinary Perspectives - Marco Martiniello (editor)

Everybody wants a refugee on stage: Conversations around contemporary artistic engagement with migration, by IETM (2019) EN 

Artists, Displacement and Belonging, Prepared by lead author Kiley Arroyo, Head of Strategic Data and Knowledge, International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies, with contributing authors Mary Ann DeVlieg, Dian Ika Gesuri and Alma Salem (2019) EN

Migration Integration - Information Portal (DE)

The inclusion of migrants and refugees: The role of cultural organisations, Ed. Acesso Cultura (2017)

EU funding for cultural work refugee, Towards the next EU Programme Generation by Rosanna Lewis and Polly Martin - November 2017 (with the webstream link and the additional documents: Current Practice and Lessons LearntWhy cultural work with refugees by Alison Phipps)

Report on arts and culture in the context of the migratory and refugee crisis (key output of the working group of EU Member States on Intercultural Dialogue in the context of the migratory and refugee crisis, created in October 2015) - May 2017

ULCG-Agenda21 for Culture publication 'Cities, refugees and culture' (2015) - FR / ES

IETM publication ‘Creation and Displacement: Developing new narratives around migration’ + a list of 141 initiatives and projects (2016)

NEMO publication ‘Museums, migration and cultural diversity – Recommendations for museum work’ (2016)

Information websites /magazines

Museums and Migration: Experiences, ideas and practices regarding migration and the refugee crisis

Critical Stages is now available with a special topic on "Theatre and Statelessness in Europe"(2016)

Refugees Welcome, by the website 'Touring Artists' for information related to Germany (EN / DE)


Refugee Origami Camp, a project by Frank Bölter (article by Mathieu Braunstein for IN SITU) (EN / DE) with IN SITU network

10 things you need to consider if you are an artist – not of the refugee and asylum seeker community- looking to work with our community

Events / Initiatives / projects

SHOWPARTY,  Co-creating a party in asylum seekers' centre (collaboration between snark - space making association, Arca di Noè social cooperative and the Research center MODI (Mobility Diversity social Inclusion) at the Department of Education of the University of Bologna, 2017

Specially Unknown, European Refugees Oral History Project

The Arts Territory Exchange

Camp Europe Project

Roberto Cimetta Fund : Fil Manfa - host organisations for artists in exile (EN / FR / AR)

Erasmus + project Get Close to Opera

UN Migration Agency Platform, I am a migrant (EN/ ES / FR/ DE / ITI / EESTI / РУССКИЙ)

Project Radio London 

L'encyclopédie des migrants (L'âge de la tortue) FR/ES/PT/EN

The Arts and Culture Welcome Refugees (Canada)

If All Relations Were to Reach Equilibrium, Then This Building Would Dissolve (UK)

Collection Rester.étranger, Barbara Manzetti (France)

Dancing With Strangers: From Calais to England

Projects supported by the Creative Europe programme for the inclusion of migrants and refugees

Bins in Berlin to ATMs in Antwerp: a guide to Europe for refugees – photo essay

Atelier des artistes en exil (EN/FR/Arab/Farsi)

EU funded project PUSH with an online resource centre on migration