Report on Building a Strong Framework for Artists' Mobility: Five Key Principles (2012)

This report is the outcome of the work done by the Working Group on Mobility support Programmes, a group of twenty-five experts representing an equal number of EU Member States that expressed an interest in participating. The Working Group was launched in early 2011 under the Council Work Plan for Culture 2011-2014 which implements the European Agenda for Culture.

The working group's mandate was to screen and assess mobility support programmes and schemes in order to identify the barriers and problems faced in particular by small-scale culture operators and young artists and cultural professionals, and to look at good practice examples illustrating how these difficulties were overcome.

The report considers in detail the benefits of artists’ mobility for all stakeholders involved, focusing on the results of mobility. Five "Key Principles" are proposed, in order to build a strong and sustainable framework for artists’ mobility in Europe and beyond.

Those five "key principles" are:

  1. Acknowledge and build on the values and benefits of artists' mobility
  2. Enhance complementarity between EU Member States' policies and EU action in the supports for artists' mobility
  3. Adapt mobility support schemes to changing needs and circumstances
  4. Artists' mobility support is a shared responsibility
  5. A call for efficiency and effectiveness

In the report, further information about artists' mobility, framework and a list of resources in annex, which presents examples of programmes & schemes supporting artists' mobility in EU MS, other relevant resources provided by MS, studies & reports.

Download the report

Refer to the EC page on the mobility of artists for more reports and resources