OTM 'Excited Atoms' exploration of virtual mobility in performing arts

In 2010, OTM has launched "Excited Atoms" an exploration of virtual mobility in the contemporary performing arts. The study looks at what virtual mobility means, and gives an overview of the different ways in which artists use new technologies – and thus being also more ‘green’. The Excited Atoms study was funded by OTM member Fundacion Autor, and presents some of the most critical issues and motivations for artists, cultural producers and promoters to collaborate, share, make, question, present and innovate using virtual mobility.

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Recommendations on Culture Mobility from the 4 Arts Mobility Pilot Projects

Recommendations on Culture Mobility from the 4 Arts Mobility Pilot Projects Changing Room, e.Mobility, Practics and Space have been published and handed over to the Expert Group on artists' mobility set up under the EU's Open Method of Coordination (OMC). (version française dans l'article)

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Culturemondo Survey on Cultural Portals

Culturemondo published a survey of cultural portals.

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Impediments to Mobility in the EU Live Performance Sector and Possible Solutions

This study was carried out during the European Year of Workers’ Mobility 2006 and is part of a wider project on mobility in the European Union’s live performance sector, called Mobile.Home, which was initiated by several European organisations active in the live performance sector in Europe (Finnish Theatre Information Centre, Pearle*, On-the-Move, IETM, Goethe-Institut, Visiting Arts & associated partners)

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OTM updated publications: DOWNLOAD now!

On-the-Move has updated its popular publications. These are available as free downloads. They will be translated into Spanish and published in 2009 thanks to our funding partner Fundacion Autor/SGAE in Spain.

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Dancers Keep Moving - report

Research report on the international careers and transition measures available for professional dancers.

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Music in Motion - publication by the European Music Council

A comparative research study on music traditions present in today’s multicultural Europe - it provides musicological data and is prefaced by a description of the ExTra! Exchange Traditions project.

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Digital Culture: The Changing Dynamics - downloadable Culturelink publication

publication to download for free from Culturelink on the impact of information and communication technologies on culture and the changes that in the context of the information era affect established cultural practices and concepts

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Visas - the discordant note: paper by Freemuse, ECA & ELMF on visa issues and artists mobility

The white paper entitled ‘Visas – the discordant note’ deals with visa issues and artists mobility and highlight a number of problems faced by creative companies working with artists from Non-EU and Non-Schengen countries. The white paper is published by Freemuse in collaboration with ECA, the European Council of Artists, and ELMF, a wide network of European concert organisers, festivals and venues.

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State on Stage - book on public policy on performing arts in Europe

publication on the impact of public policies on the performing arts in Europe (2008), Boekmanstudies/VSCD in connection with Pearle*

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EFAH becomes Culture Action Europe - check the website and the section about mobility

Culture Action Europe: the political platform for Arts and Culture

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Sustainability: a new frontier for the arts and cultures - book published by Cultura21

Mobility-sustainability-intercultural competence-interdisciplinary practices - all essential areas of dialogue. An interesting publication discusses sustainability in relation to the arts and culture.

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Made in the Med - publication on cultural mobility from Roberto Cimetta Fund

Mediterranean region. Made in the Med: The Challenges of Artistic Exchange in the Mediterranean, a publication on mobility in the Mediterranean area published in English & French by the Roberto Cimetta Fund, is available to download

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Street Artists in Europe (study commissioned by European Parliament)

A study commissioned by the European Parliament and coordinated by HorsLesMurs has been published on Street Artists in Europe.

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Research into cultural cooperation and mobility in Europe

LabforCulture publishes research by ERICarts into national policies which influence cultural cooperation and mobility in Europe (2007).

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Crossing the Rainbow - IETM publication

IETM Publication: Crossing the Rainbow - Jude Bloomfield. National differences and international convergences in multicultural peforming art in Europe. Free download publication (2003).

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The Status of Artists in Europe (study commissioned by the European Parliament)

The Status of Artists in Europe is a new study, published November 2006, by ERICarts, Suzanne Capiau and Andreas Johannes Wiesand. It was commissioned by the European Parliament and is available in English and French.

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Culture, the heart of a knowledge-based economy, European Cultural Parliament report

The document outlines the central role that culture ought to play in the formulation of an agenda for the future of Europe. As the result of a research project, undertaken by the ECP Lisbon Agenda Research Group of the European Cultural Parliament, it describes the opportunities for a new and essentially strategic use of culture

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The Collective Management of Rights in Europe (study commissioned by the European Parliament)

This study examines the legal framework governing collective management in the field of copyright and neighbouring rights in the European Union, with a particular emphasis on musical works. Published in 2006.

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Mobilité des artistes et securité sociale (study commissioned by European Parliament)

A study commissioned by the European Parliament into the mobility of artists and social security in Europe. The report contains recommendations on pensions, social security and the functioning of the system for artists who work internationally in several European countries (the report has a multilingual executive summary).

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