The Situation of Artists and Cultural Workers and the post-COVID-19 Cultural Recovery in the European Union

The Situation of Artists and Cultural Workers and the post-COVID-19 Cultural Recovery in the European Union is a background analysis prepared for the European Parliament. It provides an overview of key characteristics of artists’ and cultural workers’ status across Europe, their working conditions, precariousness and career paths. It outlines the justification for specific policy solutions and provides a mapping of key challenges for a European framework for working conditions in the cultural and creative sectors and industries.

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European Commission and stakeholders > Study on artists’ working conditions

The study looks at characteristics of employment of artists and cultural and creative professionals in EU Member States with regard to: artist status and entitlements, social security, self-employment, support ecosystems and alternative financing, artistic freedom, career development, measures countering the Covid crisis. The European Commission conducted this study in close collaboration with several sectoral stakeholder organisations: Culture Action Europe, IETM, On the Move, PEARLE - Live Performance Europe and Freemuse.

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European Commission publishes report on Artists Abroad: i-Portunus

The European Commission has published its report “Artists Abroad: i-Portunus the EU’s First Mobility Scheme for Culture”. This project, I Portunus, proved to be a success both in terms of the number of applicants and the feedback from participants. This mobility scheme will be incorporated into the new Creative Europe programme (2021-2027) with increased funding.Taking into consideration the reality of the restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak, a blended mobility experience may be appropriate and the exact modalities will be defined before the next call is launched.

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EU Publications > The Situation of Circus in Europe

The Situation of Circus in Europe presents a study on the circus sector in the European Union. The study is intended to be a legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 and follows up on the first inventory study on the sector commissioned by the European Parliament in 2003. The study focuses on collecting, creating and presenting quantitative and qualitative information to report on the current situation of the sector in the European Union. Based on descriptive analyses, an analysis is provided and recommendations have been developed related to the socio-economic profile of the sector, the educational situation of children whose parents work in the sector, its innovative potential, and the (potential) usage and improvements of EU-funding provisions for the sector.

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The AB MUSIC Working Group Report > Music Moves Europe

The European Commission and music sector are working together towards a new EU support strategy for music. A report of the work carried out so far through “Music Moves Europe” can be found online with special mention on cultural mobility.

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Good practice report on innovative financing instruments for the cultural and creative sectors

Written by experts from national governments, the report addresses the challenges the cultural and creative small businesses face finding funding. It highlights over 100 innovative instruments and 32 success stories.

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EU Policy Handbook on Artists' Residencies

The "Policy Handbook on Artists' Residencies" is the final output of the Open Method of Coordination working group on Artists' Residencies. This OMC group had been convened under the Work Plan for Culture 2011-2014 Priority Area C "Skills & Mobility". This handbook is a useful tool for residencies' models, best practices and key resources.

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Opportunities for CCSs to Access Finance in the EU – Short Analytical Report

The short analytical report focusing on the financial environment for the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCSs) in EU Member States has been requested to the European Expert Network on Culture (EENC) by the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission (DG EAC).

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European Commision: New Work Plan for Culture (2015-2018)

The four-year plan builds on the European Agenda for Culture and sets out priorities for promoting access to culture and audience development. It focuses on how to best manage Europe's cultural heritage, foster creativity and innovation in the cultural and creative sectors, and raise the profile of culture in EU's external relations (including mobility).

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Good Practice Report on Cultural & Creative Sectors Export and Internationalisation Support Strategies

The report builds on and complements the existing literature on the potential of cultural and creative sectors in the European Union and it is the first of its kind with a particular focus on cultural and creative sectors’ exports and internationalisation. This report is the outcome of the work carried out by the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) Working Group on Cultural and Creative Sectors’ Export and Internationalisation Support Strategies.

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Open Method of Coordination groups in the field of Culture (European Commission): 2012 report on Cultural Heritage including mobility of collections

In September 2012 the expert group working on the priority D "Cultural Heritage including mobility of collections" presented a report and a toolkit on practical ways of reducing the cost of lending and borrowing of cultural objects between Member States of the European Union, containing recommendations and practical advice for national authorities and museum professionals.

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Report on Building a Strong Framework for Artists' Mobility: Five Key Principles (2012)

This report, established by the OMC working group on Mobility support programmes, considers in detail the benefits of artists’ mobility for all stakeholders involved, focusing on the results of mobility. Five "Key Principles" are proposed, in order to build a strong and sustainable framework for artists’ mobility in Europe and beyond - discover them in the article!

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Audience-building and the future ‘Creative Europe’ Programme, a report by EENC, January 2012

This document aims to present relevant trends and examples in different cultural sectors, provide recommendations to European institutions on how to foster audience building on a European level, and identify gaps in existing information. It includes 28 case studies from 12 different member states, representing a diverse sample of approaches, organisations, degree of formalisation, geographic locations and target publics, among others.

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Copyrights: European Commission proposed easier music licensing in the Single Market

Following concerns over financial irregularities and difficult online licencing, the European Commission has proposed in July 2012 a new directive requiring copyright collecting societies to increase their transparency, efficiency and management of revenues.

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Policy handbook on the strategical use of EU support programmes for developing Cultural and Creative Industries, OMC working group on CCI, April 2012

Policy handbook on “How to strategically use the EU support programmes, including Structural Funds, to foster the potential of culture for local, regional and national development and the spill over effects on the wider economy? “

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Team Culture 2012 - Manifesto "Turn to Culture" - June 2012

Team Culture meeting in Brussels presents a joint manifesto ‘Turn to Culture‘ as an outcome of the European dialogue on the role of culture in a time of crisis initiated under the Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. As part of the Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Danish Minister for Culture, Uffe Elbæk, has together with the Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou taken the initiative to start a dialogue on the role of culture in a time of crisis.

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Information Standards for the Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals - Dec. 2011

As foreseen in the Work Plan for Culture 2011-2014, the European Commission set up in May 2011 an EU expert group on mobility information standards to develop common content and quality standards for information and advice relating to the mobility of artists and cultural professionals. The group included On the Move, and worked out a document entitled "information standards for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals" which offers policy makers in the EU Members States with practical guidance for setting up information services in their countries.

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EP Report on promoting workers' mobility within the European Union (Parlament Resolution on free movement, October 2011)

The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parlament adopted an report on promoting workers’ mobility within the European Union in response to a Commission communication on the question.

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EU Culture Forum 2011 thematic papers!

The EU Culture Forum 2011 is now over - took place 20-21 October in Brussels - however it is worth keeping the 4 thematic papers on digitisation, skills, civil society empowerment in third countries, Culture as an investment for EU regions written for the background documentation.

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European Parliament resolution on the cultural dimensions of the EU’s external actions (May 2011)

On 12th May 2011, the European Parliament approved a resolution on the cultural dimensions of the EU’s external actions, which calls for the creation of a cultural visa for third-party artists and professionals in the cultural field.

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