UNESCO > Policy & Research Series on Cultural Policy and Governance

UNESCO's Policy & Research series examines emerging trends in cultural policy and governance, and offers an in-depth analysis of key topics to reveal today's policy landscape. In doing so, it aims to inspire cultural policymakers and advocates to make innovative, evidence-based decisions that stimulate the growth of dynamic creative sectors around the world.

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CEC ArtsLink > A Miracle or Misunderstanding: Socially Engaged Practices in the Art Prospect Network Countries

CEC ArtsLink presents a new publication, A Miracle or Misunderstanding: Socially Engaged Practices in the Art Prospect Network Countries, including field reports from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. This study grew out of CEC ArtsLink’s commitment to support international cultural mobility and new models to creatively address socio-political concerns, transforming urban environments, and engaging local communities. It serves to connect the broader international arts community to the post-Soviet region, engage funders, and advocate for the importance of transnational cultural exchange.

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Briefing note on Brexit for the arts sector

'Brexit is not (only) a UK issue'. The International team of Arts Council of Wales, Wales Arts International, has published a briefing note for the arts sector as we all prepare for the implications of Brexit. Wales Arts International is a member of On the Move. Read and share this document.

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Research for CULT Committee - Mobility of artists and culture professionals: towards a European policy framework

Mobility is a social and economic condition of artists and culture professionals and, at the same time, a vector of social and economic development. However, mobility in the cultural and creative sectors is faced with a number of issues that need to be addressed at EU and national levels. The paper provides recommendations for a EU-wide mobility framework which entails both a dedicated mobility scheme and an improved regulatory environment that would facilitate mobility in Europe. Find the research online (authored by KEA - European Affairs)

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Evaluation du Programme Erasmus+ dans l'enseignement supérieur culture et projet d' Erasmus de la culture

Cette étude a d'une part l'objectif d’établir un bilan et des perspectives pour la mise en œuvre du programme Erasmus + dans les écoles relevant de l’enseignement supérieur culture, et d’autre part l'ambition de contribuer à la réflexion sur la création d’un programme « Erasmus de la culture », destiné à dynamiser la mobilité des artistes et professionnels de la culture en Europe.

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Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals within EU cultural policy

This article written by Richard Polácek and updated by Marie Le Sourd in 2017 highlights the evolution and trends related to the question of cultural mobility within the spectrum of EU policies. This article has been commissioned by Touring Artists, the information portal for artists and creatives working internationally, initiated by ITI and IGBK, both member-organisations of On the Move.

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UNESCO’s 2018 Global Report “Re-Shaping Cultural policies”

The Global Report assesses the impact of the most recent policies and measures taken around the world to implement the UNESCO 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, now ratified by 145 States and the European Union. Read the report and in particular the section 'Surviving the paradoxes of mobility' written by Khadija El Bennaoui.

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Artistic mobility: views from European cities and artists, a study by the City of Turin and EUROCITIES

‘Artistic mobility: views from European cities and artists’ is a new study conducted by the city of Turin (former chair of the EUROCITIES ‘Mobility of artists’ working group) in partnership with EUROCITIES.

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IFACCA D'Art 49: International Culture Networks

This report looks at the various ways in which cultural networks operate, including their resources, membership, funding and activities, views on the purpose of cultural networks, challenges and potential solutions, and their vision for the future.On the Move together with other member-organisations (IETM, FACE, Trans Europe Halles, RES ARTIS etc) are featured in this report.

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First Global Report - Evaluating the Impact of the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

Since the adoption of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, the world’s cultural landscape has changed considerably. Presented at UNESCO on 16 December 2015, the Report Re|Shaping Cultural Policies explores these changes and the policy impact of the Convention. One section of the report is entitled 'Minding the gaps: promoting mobility'.

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The Funders Task Force on Culture and Development - meeting report Feb. 2014

The Funders Task Force on Culture and Development is a multi-stakeholder platform of leading development donors. In February 2014 they gathered for a meeting in Brussels. The report of the meeting is now available.

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IFACCA Good Practice Guide on Arts Advocacy (December 2013)

Arts advocacy is a key challenge, one shared by government agencies and arts communities around the world. This report (updated December 2013) provides a platform for the exchange of information and ideas about arts advocacy by exploring a range of campaigns currently being undertaken or planned by national arts funding agencies.

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´╗┐´╗┐European cities and cultural mobility: Trends and support actions: A study commissioned and supported by Nantes. Prepared by On the Move for EUROCITIES

This study "European cities and cultural mobility: Trends and support actions" analyses the policies and actions implemented by large European cities to support the mobility of artists and cultural professionals. This study is based on the results of a survey completed by 24 cities in 15 European countries.

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“Madarat - platform for exchange” - summary of the debates

The Roberto Cimetta Fund (RCF), is publishing the summary of the debates during the “Madarat - platform for exchange” on 21st November 2012 at the Institut français de Beyrouth. This meeting grouped together 55 artists, operators, journalists, institutional representatives, experts and Board members of RCF and regional members of the Istikshaf platform from 21 countries.

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Measuring the impact of a mobility grant: a work in progress by the Roberto Cimetta Fund

RCF is pleased to publish an assessment on the impact of mobility. This assessment is a necessary follow-up, in the collaboration we have undertaken with regional and local partners, to define strategies for transnational artistic mobility. Our work aims to identify positive effects of travel and consequences in the nature and diversity of cultural and artistic products or offers. Find out the results!

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The cultural component of citizenship - An inventory of challenges

We must ask ourselves, why is European citizenship not a topic of discussion in our cafes, schools, parks, museums, the places of everyday life? And the next question then is: what is the role of culture in the political integration process in Europe and what is cultural citizenship exactly? This compilation of articles is an attempt to start answering these questions.

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International Artistic Mobility and Territorial Diplomacy: report of the Guimarães seminar by RCF, May 2012

Investing in artistic mobility is not only an individual moment of political responsibility but has long term spin-off effects on the appropriation of global cultural products, identity building and new forms of cultural expression that can be source of renewal in the country of residence as well as the country of origin. This document is the first step in discussing and identifying local and regional strategies to develop transnational artistic mobility. We hope to continue and enlarge this working process with local and regional authorities in Europe and the Arab world taking into account the impact of globalisation and the models of cooperation that could be possible and relevant in this context.

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Report on Building a Strong Framework for Artists' Mobility: Five Key Principles (2012)

This report, established by the OMC working group on Mobility support programmes, considers in detail the benefits of artists’ mobility for all stakeholders involved, focusing on the results of mobility. Five "Key Principles" are proposed, in order to build a strong and sustainable framework for artists’ mobility in Europe and beyond - discover them in the article!

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European Festival Association books on festivals and cultural networks

EFA BOOKS puts in the spotlight the role of the arts, culture and festivals in the society of today and highlights contemporary challenges. It contributes to and stimulates further discussion on cultural issues and it involves festivals in the international debate with politicians and cultural operators.

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International Mobility: A Prerequisite for Intercultural Dialogue, by F.Richard, Mediterranean Yearbook 2011

Ferdinand Richard, President of the Roberto Cimetta Fund, presents a short contribution paper on the role of mobility in intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean area and the place of international and/or local funding to support mobility in this region.

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