Cultural organisations, how to evaluate your success online? Useful report Let's Get Real, by Culture24, September 2011

How to measure and define the success of cultural websites and online services is a problem common to all parts of the cultural sector – museums, archives, galleries, arts organizations, libraries and publishers. Worse, funding agencies and government departments lack the expertise to offer guidelines or set standards.

Culture24 has been working collaboratively on an action research project with a range of cultural sector organisations to help them define and measure their success online. The project was called ‘How to evaluate success online?’ and took place from June 2010 to September 2011. The final report, called ‘Let’s Get Real’ (September 2011), details the methodology, research and key findings.  Links to download this and other associated resources are at the bottom of this page.

The report focuses on tools such as Google Analytics, Hitwise, Klout and Twitterific and looks at the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These platforms were chosen because they currently dominate the social space, but it does not mean that other channels are not relevant or should be ignored.

The final report is easy to read. All of the additional resources are talked in the report and are quite comprehensive.


Download the report and other useful resources

Pdf versions of the report Let's get real are available in colour and black and white. Hard copies are available upon request from Culture24 at a cost of £5.

Social media metrics toolkit - a framework suggesting ways to make use of your social media metrics.

Social media tools comparison – a comparison of the tools identified during the project that can be used to track different social media channels.

Google Analytics health checklist - how to check your own GA set-up.

Basic user segments and Advanced user segments - these are the user segments developed collaboratively as part of the project that you can download and apply to your own GA account.