Guide de ressources Québec-France en arts visuels

Projets de coopération, résidences d'artistes en France, opportunités de financements, démarches administratives, découvrez le guide élaboré par le service des affaires culturelles de la Délégation générale du Québec à Paris.

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Artists at Risk Connection > A Safety Guide for Artists

When an artist first faces risk, there are not a lot of roadmaps: the experience can be incredibly isolating and disorienting. ARC - Artists at Risk Connection’s A Safety Guide for Artists explores topics such as defining and understanding risk, preparing for threats, fortifying digital safety, documenting persecution, finding assistance, and recovering from trauma.

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Joining the dots // Bridging the gap(s): A reflection on the European project, IN SITU ACT (2016-2020)

This report presents an overview of IN SITU ACT (2016-2020), and a reflection on some of the highlights of this European cultural cooperation project which was awarded co-funding from the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The 4-year programme strengthened a platform for artistic creation in public space through an extensive series of artistic encounters, taking diverse formats and organised across many countries of Europe. The report was done in collaboration with On the Move, written by Judith Staines. It includes a preface related to artistic mentoring and professional development by Lene Bang Henningsen.

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Public report > MOOC 'Create in Public Space' > Infographics and learning points

This report evaluates the implementation and dissemination of the MOOC ‘Create in Public space », produced by FAI-AR in partnership with IN SITU from September 2017 till August 2019. This MOOC was supported as well by the French Ministry of Culture and ArtCena. This report, done in collaboration with On the Move (Maïa Sert) relies on materials collected from December 2019 to August 2020. Using, analysing and sharing both quantitative and qualitative form of data, this report aims to be both useful for users of MOOC but also for organisations interested in investing in MOOC particularly at a European and international level.

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Zone Franche et MobiCulture > Seconde édition du Guide pratique des visas

Le 27 novembre 2020, Zone Franche a mis en ligne la seconde édition du Guide pratique des visas, dont la première édition avait été publiée en décembre 2016 lors des Transmusicales de Rennes. Cette refonte du Guide permet une compréhension. plus détaillée des avancées réglementaires et législatives en matière de circulation des artistes en Europe et dans le monde. Il donne les clés des bonnes pratiques et les outils nécessaires aux professionnels tout au long du parcours d'une demande de visa. Zone Franche a travaillé avec MobiCulture pour la rédaction de ce guide.

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Season for Change Toolkit

Season for Change is a UK-wide programme of cultural responses celebrating the environment and inspiring urgent action on climate change. The Season for Change toolkit is a collection of online resources for individuals and organisations who want to join together and urge for a just and sustainable future through the arts and culture.

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UNESCO > Policy Guide for a Resilient Creative Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis it created have had a devastating effect on the cultural and creative industries, revealing and magnifying their pre-existing volatility. Culture in Crisis offers advice on how to respond to the most pressing needs and how to induce the structural changes needed to strengthen the resilience of the cultural and creative industries and prepare for the ‘new normal’.

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Culture Solutions > cS Pre-mapping with PRAHK: Classical Music in China

China’s classical music market is booming and you want to seize opportunities in China in this field? Previous analyses of EU-China cultural relations concluded that concrete existing cooperation initiatives can be a useful starting point to develop further ties. In partnership with the Pavillon Rouge des Arts HK, Culture Solutions are delighted to publish the first free and open sectoral mapping on classical music in China to enhance cultural cooperation between Europeans and Chinese cultural professionals.

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Pig: an experiment in collective decision-making > A cultural policy contribution to the evaluation of art in public space

Pig is an art installation in the form of a giant transparent piggy bank. It appears without warning in public space accompanied by a short message: members of the public can put money into Pig’s ‘community fund’ if they want to, and spend it when they’ve agreed how to spend it. Developed by the company Kaleider and supported by IN SITU, the European platform for art in public space, Pig travelled to six locations in Europe within the IN SITU network during 2018-19, and was met with a fascinating range of responses. This report was commissioned by IN SITU, coordinated by On the Move and researched by Uclg Committee on Culture.

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Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers - Visas for Third Country National Artists travelling to the Schengen Aera (Edition 2020)

This booklet gives you information on visas for the Schenghen Area, what types there are, who needs them, how and where to lodge your application as well as useful advice and tips to help visa applicants and performance hosts to navigate the process. This new edition follows the successful synergy partnership between EFA and Pearle* - Live Performance Europe started in 2014, in the context of EFA RISE, to improve general knowledge of the legal and managerial aspects of cross-border cultural cooperation and counts with similar publications on Social Security, Artist Taxation, VAT, Copyright Clearing for Live Events.

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Brexit / EU Exit list of relevant web-resources for culture professionals

This article started to be compiled in 2019 by Marie Fol, On the Move Board member, provides an overview of relevant publications and information from both the UK and the EU sides, specifically focused on the cultural sector. The page is regularly updated.

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Architect’s Council of Europe > ACE Guide to Working Internationally

Trading successfully across borders can strengthen your practice and help to make it more innovative and resilient to economic fluctuations. The Architects’ Council of Europe's new guide aims to assist architects to develop international business opportunities and secure long-term success by adopting a strategic approach to their ventures into new markets. Although produced by the ACE in Europe, this guide could be equally valuable to all architects who wish to internationalise their practices, wherever they are located.

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Quality for Culture > Quality Management Principles for Cultural Organisations

The research project Quality for Culture aims to promote Quality Management as a topic and practice for arts organisations. The researchers have published a White Paper that lists and explains several standards, systems, and accreditation schemes tailored to the cultural sector. Their Resource Guide, using ISO's seven Quality Management Principles as a framework, provides arts organisations with a wealth of materials, such as toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and online courses. By using these free resources, institutions can develop management practices at their own pace and format that embrace quality as a way of thinking (and acting).

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(Re)framing the International: a card game for art workers

On the Move is a big fan of this card game developed by the Flanders Arts Institute: it can be an excellent basis to facilitate group discussions on internationalising one's practices in the performing arts' sector. This card game was developed in the context of (Re)framing the International, a research & development trajectory on new ways of working internationally in the arts.

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A Viral List of Hundreds of Opportunities for Artists, Compiled by One Person to Encourage Community

Pipkin is a drawing and software artist from Bee Caves, Texas, who produces intimate work with large data sets. But they also maintain an exhaustive Google spreadsheet titled “The Big Artist Opportunities List” — and recently they have shared it with the world by publicly releasing this list of more than 400 opportunities for artists and creative generalists.

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Service Culture inclusive de Pro Infirmis Sensability > Pour une sortie culturelle accessible > Guide de l'inclusion dans les arts de la scène

Ce guide pour une sortie culturelle accessible est le fruit d’une collaboration avec Sensability et le Pour-cent culturel Migros. Il s’adresse aux organisateurs d’événements culturels des arts de la scène (théâtre, danse, musique). En se mettant dans la peau de visiteurs avec différentes formes de handicap, il montre ce qu’il faut mettre en place pour rendre une sortie culturelle accessible.

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Arts Moves Africa > New Study on Mobility & Touring in North Africa

Discover more about Art Moves Africa's new publication, Retracing Roots and Tracing New Routes: Mobility and Touring in North Africa. This is the latest publication in its series of regional studies on arts mobility in Africa.

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Monitoring, assessment and reporting

How to collect, analyze, interprete project evidence and data to design effective assessment tools that can contribute to create a virtuous circle of learning and #projectinnovation? You can now download the module developed by Arthur Bernstein from Campus ESART.

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Motovila > “Mobility for Creativity” report

The recent conference titled “Mobility for Creativity” organised by Motovila in Ljubljana on 4–5 April 2019, explored the benefits and challenges of international mobility in the cultural and creative sector (CCS), especially putting mobility’s environmental impact to the test. Discover the report prepared by Jana Renée Wilcoxen.

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Documentation Symposium "Exhibition Remuneration Right in Europe"

The issue of exhibition remuneration has been an important topic for artists' associations throughout Europe for years. In November 2018, a symposium was organised on the subject by Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (IGBK), the IAA Europe, the German collecting society VG Bild-Kunst, and the association European Visual Artists (EVA). Documentation on the contents of the discussion and related information are available online.

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