Season for Change Toolkit

Season for Change is a UK-wide programme of cultural responses celebrating the environment and inspiring urgent action on climate change. The Season for Change toolkit is a collection of online resources for individuals and organisations who want to join together and urge for a just and sustainable future through the arts and culture.

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Motovila > “Mobility for Creativity” report

The recent conference titled “Mobility for Creativity” organised by Motovila in Ljubljana on 4–5 April 2019, explored the benefits and challenges of international mobility in the cultural and creative sector (CCS), especially putting mobility’s environmental impact to the test. Discover the report prepared by Jana Renée Wilcoxen.

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Culture in the SDGs > A guide for local action

The document, by the UCLG Committee on Culture, provides practical guidance to local and regional governments, civil society organisations, private organisations, culture and development professionals, and other stakeholders that are involved in strengthening partnerships, policies, projects and practices around the place of culture in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Creative Responses to Sustainability: Singapore and Korea

Creative Responses to Sustainability is part of a new ASEF series of guides looking at creative responses to sustainability in different countries in Asia.The guides, commissioned by ASEF culture360 and authored by Yasmine Ostendorf, map cultural initiatives across Singapore and South Korea engaging with social and environmental issues.

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Agenda 21 for Culture: Self-evaluating tool on culture in sustainable development

Based on the 100 actions of Culture 21 Actions, the questionnaire is open to local governments, individuals and organisations (academics, activists, civil society, etc.) interested in self-evaluating to what extent an integrated vision of culture in sustainable development exists in their cities.

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Green Art Lab Alliance > GALA Funding Guide

The GALA funding guide is a first inventory of public and private, international, European, national, regional and local funds, calls and initiatives that can support arts and culture projects on environmental sustainability. The research was coordinated by On the Move with the support from COAL, Coalition for art and sustainable development.

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TINFO publication: Sustainability, Resilience and Performance Utopias

In the 2015 edition of TINFO News – Sustainability, Resilience and Performance Utopias, TINFO is interested in utopic thinking that reveals the potential for (sustainable) change. TINFO is also interested in exploring coping strategies in the artistic process, how critical meanings are articulated in artistic performances.

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IFACCA and Julie's Bicycle: D'Art Report 34b: The Arts and Environmental Sustainability: An International Overview

The report includes best practices from around the world and recommendations for enhancing the level of inclusion of environmental sustainability in cultural policy making and action. Check it out (including its numerous resources)

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Creative Carbon Scotland: Creating and Updating a Travel Policy

Creating and maintaining an up-to-date travel policy can help your organisation reduce its carbon footprint, and embed sustainability within the core behaviour of your business.Check the travel policy by Creative Carbon Scotland for inspiration!

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keðja - Sustainable strategies for the Nordic-Baltic dance field

What can sustainability mean in contemporary dance? How do we want to define sustainability? Inadequate funding schemes, short-term solutions, short-lived productions – how should the dance field be developed in a more sustainable manner? To find some answers, follow the keðja Think Tank on sustainable strategies for the Nordic-Baltic dance field!

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It's not easy being green!

“It’s Not Easy Being Green: Two Designers Exploring Sustainability Worldwide” is a new publication that brings together six months research visiting inspiring sustainable design projects in a dozen countries worldwide. Together with almost 60 designers, entrepreneurs and change-makers from several countries the authors share experiences, project examples and local culture to inspire and enable a more sustainable future. Read about this!

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Green Mobility Guide for the Performing Arts: Julie's Bicycle & On the Move research dossier in 5 languages!

On The Move and Julie´s Bicycle present a new green guide to environmentally sustainable mobility for touring performing arts companies and venues. Download for free this OTM research dossier (available in English, French, Italian, German and Chinese)!

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表演艺术绿色国际交流指南 – 中文版!Green Mobility Guide for the Performing Arts in Chinese!

The Green Mobility Guide, commissioned by On the Move to the environmental experts Julie's Bicycle in May 2011, is now available in Chinese thanks to the support of the Chinese Mission to the EU in Brussels (besides the English, French, Italian and German versions). Free download, of course!

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Guide de la mobilité verte dans le spectacle vivant - dossier de recherche actualisé en français!

Le guide de la mobilité verte, commissionné par On the Move au groupe d'expert sur les questions environnementales Julie's Bicycle en mai 2011, après une traduction partielle en français, est maintenant disponible dans sa totalité (glossaire inclus), grâce au soutien du Ministère français de la Culture et de la Communication. Téléchargement gratuit.

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Der Leitfaden zur „grünen“ Mobilität für die Darstellenden Künste – deutsche Version

Der Leitfaden zur ökologisch nachhaltigen Mobilität, den On the Move 2011 bei Julie’s Bicycle, den Experten für Umweltfragen im Kunstsektor, in Auftrag gab, ist jetzt auch in der deutschen Übersetzung verfügbar.

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Guida alla mobilità "verde" per lo spettacolo dal vivo - dossier in italiano!

La Guida alla mobilità "verde" (ecosostenibile) per lo spettacolo dal vivo, commissionata da On the Move agli esperti di questioni ambientali del gruppo Julie's Bicycle nel 2011, è ora disponibile in italiano (oltre che in inglese, francese, tedesco e cinese)! Una guida pratica per tutti i professionisti dello spettacolo dal vivo interessati a capire e ridurre gli impatti ambientali degli spettacoli, in particolare in caso di tournée. La traduzione italiana è stata realizzata nel 2012 con il contributo di CREAttIVITÀ, un progetto promosso dall'associazione C'era l'acca e finanziato dalla Regione Piemonte.

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Green Guides by Julie's Bicycle: do you know them all ?

You probably already know the Green Mobility Guide, developed by JB and OTM. But do you know that Julie's Bicycle also published guides for visual arts, cinema... and more ? Discover them all here!

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TINFO News –Theatre and Ecology

TINFO publishes yearly theatre statistics of Finnish theatre, and provides material and advice on international mobility. TINFO News is a magazine on Finnish theatre, drama and artists. Among other issues, Theatre and Ecology is one of the main topic of this summer.

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Guide des meilleures pratiques environnementales des festivals de musique, publié par EneRis

Ce guide identifie les principaux enjeux, recense les meilleures pratiques, propose des évaluations d’impact ainsi que des témoignages d’experts ou de professionnels engagés dans ces démarches.

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Moving Arts: managing the carbon impacts of our touring by Julie´s Bicycle

Moving Arts asseses the carbon impacts of Bands, Orchestras and Theatres touring the UK and internationally

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