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Exploring the connections between arts and human rights meeting report

The agency organised a high-level expert meeting in Vienna on 29-30 May 2017, bringing together participants from different EU Member States and horizons, including: human rights and fine arts academics; museum staff; curators; representatives of civil society organisations focusing on artistic freedom; and artists from the fields of photography, visual arts, comics, choreography, literature and music. Find the report online.

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Cultural Diplomacy: Arts, Festivals and Geopolitics (Edited by Milena Dragićević Šešić)

This book that presents collection of texts has been created as a result of two separate projects: the conference BITEF (Belgrade International Theatre Festival) and Cultural Diplomacy: Theatre and Geopolitics and the Creative Europe Desk Serbia research project about the state of the art in international and regional cultural collaboration in Serbia. Thus the book is divided in five complementary parts. part I: Cultural diplomacy: soft power or fair cooperation part II: Theatre festivals in cultural diplomacy part III: Paradiplomacy and bottom-up cultural diplomacy part IV: Serbia – challenges and perspectives of international cultural cooperation part V: Cultural cooperation data - statistical annex.

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European Leadership in Cultural, Science and Innovation Diplomacy (EL-CSID)

The European Leadership in Cultural, Science and Innovation Diplomacy (EL-CSID) project analyses the relevance of cultural, science and innovation diplomacy for EU external relations, locating developments in these fields in the evolving global context. The website of this project include interesting resources related to cultural diplomacy for EU external relations.

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Artists at Risk Connection

The Artists at Risk Connection (ARC), PEN America's newest initiative, is an online collaborative project encompassing more than 500 global organizations that provide resources that can help save the lives of threatened artists. Through this online hub artists and organizations alike now have a clear, easily navigable website from which to network or seek further assistance. ARC is a supportive environment, where artists can "connect," fostering progress towards positive change in human rights.

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Restock, Rethink, Reflect Four - Study Room Guides and Toolkits

The RRR4 residencies, Study Room Guides and Toolkits are supported by, and form part of Live Art Development Agency/ LADA’s contribution to, the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP), a transnational programme funded by the European Union focusing on collaborative practices with the aim of engaging new participants and enhancing mobility and exchange for artists.

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Guide pratique des visas / Practical guide to Visas (France)

Zone Franche, le réseau des musiques du monde et le Comité Visas Artistes ont lancé le 2 décembre 2016 aux Trans Musicales de Rennes le Guide pratique des visas à l'attention des professionnels de la culture. Ce guide a été rédigé par Anaïs Lukacs, Coordinatrice de MobiCulture - membre d'On the Move - pour Zone Franche. / Zone Franche, the network of world music and the Comité Visas Artistes launched on 2 December 2016 during the Trans Musicales Festival in Rennes the practical guide to visas in France for cultural professionals. This guide, now available in English, has been written by Anais Luckas, Coordinator of MobiCulture, On the Move's member, for Zone Franche.

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Routes of Mobility and Internationalisation - Methodology developped by Toni Gonzalez

"Routes of Mobility and Internationalization" is a methodology for the diagnosis, analysis and planning of the processes of mobility and internationalization of the performing arts. It includes all the phases and processes that a company, organization or professionals of the performing arts and live music must complete to successfully start their opening to new circuits.

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Innovation Diversity - New approaches of cultural encounter in Europe

The manual 'Innovation Diversity - New approaches of cultural encounter in Europe' has been compiled in the context of the international project Un-Label. In addition, 10 further best practices are introduced who have made it their task to increase awareness of the great variety in our European society, to take difference as the norm and value it as a source of productive creativity.The last chapter provides information on current criteria for the dismantling of barriers as well as a checklist designed as an aid to your own practical planning and execution of future projects.

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Study: Reshaping the crowd’s engagement in culture

The study “Crowdfunding: reshaping the crowd’s engagement in culture” maps and analyses how crowdfunding is currently being used for the benefit of cultural and creative activities, and evaluates to what extent barriers hamper the further integration of crowdfunding in the financing mix and broader practice of CCS actors.

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Portland Communications > Soft Power 30 rankings

Strategic communications consultancy Portland has published the findings of its Soft Power 30 2017 rankings for countries around the world, based on factors ranging from culture, government, enterprise, digital and education, to cuisine, friendliness, luxury goods, foreign policy and liveability. The Soft Power 30 rankings have revealed France rising to first place, while the UK remains in second place and the US sinks to third.

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Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor

The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor is a new tool to monitor and assess the performance of 'Cultural and Creative Cities' in Europe vis-à-vis their peers using both quantitative and qualitative data. The quantitative information is captured in 29 indicators relevant to nine dimensions reflecting three major facets of the cultural, social and economic vitality of cities: cultural vibrancy, creative economy and enabling environment.

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China Now! - a new online resource supported by the British Council

China Now is an online resource for UK arts and creative professionals with an interest in China and Hong Kong. You can check it and find useful resources even if you are not from the UK.

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Look, I'm priceless! Handbook on how to assess your artistic organisation

Evaluation' - one of the key words in national, European and international cultural policies - is considered with mixed feelings by practitioners: as a burdensome and pointless process, as a meaningful tool for self-improvement, or as something in-between. This IETM toolkit aims to guide you through the key steps of evaluation, whether you have chosen to do it yourself or if a funder or decision-maker asks you to do so and provides you with pre-conceived tools.

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South African Festivals Economic Impact Calculator (SAFEIC)

The South African Festivals Economic Impact Calculator (SAFEIC) is a free online tool developed by the South African Cultural Observatory specifically for cultural festival and event organisers so they can track the economic impact of their events. The SAFEIC is designed to be used to estimate the economic impact of a festival on a host economy. It has been carefully, and conservatively, designed so as to produce results that are as reliable and valid as possible for a wide range of events – provided the data that is inputted is as accurate as possible.

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Social Security and Mobility of Visual Artists - A report by IGBK and IAA

On November 4, 2016 the IGBK (International association for visual arts in Germany) and IAA Europe (International Association of Art-Europe) cooperated on an international workshop on social security and artists' mobility in Europe, that took place in the Haus der Kulturverbände in Berlin. On the Move and its members (mobility info. points) contributed to the workshop. Find the report online.

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Report on arts and culture in the context of the migratory and refugee crisis

The report is the key output of the working group of EU Member States on Intercultural Dialogue in the context of the migratory and refugee crisis, created in October 2015. The report looks at how arts and culture can bring people together and increase their participation in society. The report provides recommendations for cultural policymakers and for cultural organisations structured around three key themes: empowerment, intersectoral and evaluation.

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Evaluation in the creative sector : why, what, when, and how?

A guideline for the evaluation of cultural projects, programmes, strategies, and institutions, Published by Migros Culture Percentage and Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council.

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Guide pratique > Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso > Auto-évaluer l'impact social de projets artistiques

Ce guide méthodologique a pour objectif d’aider les acteurs du champ culturel à identifier et à évaluer l’impact social généré par leurs projets. Il a été conçu dans une logique d’auto-évaluation: la démarche d’évaluation est définie et mise en œuvre par la structure elle-même. Ce guide a été élaboré à partir de la dé- marche expérimentale d’évaluation et de capitalisation de l’Appel à projets Art & Territoire menée par la Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso avec 20 porteurs de projet et accompagnée par le cabinet Nuova Vista entre 2014 et 2016. Les 20 projets soutenus apportent une réponse concrète à la question évaluative : «Comment une démarche artistique exigeante peut-elle contribuer au vivre ensemble sur un territoire ?»

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Goethe Institut - Culture Works - Using evaluation to shape sustainable foreign relations

Cultural work is a central component of German foreign cultural and educational policy. It is based on an extended understanding of culture, which comprises not only the arts and high culture, but also popular culture, everyday culture and other areas besides. Culture is understood as a dynamic, dialogic process, which develops irrespective of location and in a multitude of ways. This approach implies to identify key premices and methods, to develop an impact model for evaluation and basic principles of the working approach and to think in terms of impacts' cycles.

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Ixia Public Art Think Tank - A guide to evaluation

ixia is England’s public art think tank. In 2004, ixia commissioned OPENspace, the research centre for inclusive access to outdoor environments based at the Edinburgh College of Art and Heriot-Watt University, to research ways of evaluating public art (see link below). Much of the content of this practical Guide has been informed by that academic research. However, the Guide’s emphasis and content has also been shaped by feedback from ixia’s Evaluation Seminars and fieldwork conducted by ixia and consultants who have used ixia’s ‘Evaluation Toolkit’. The present guide is the 2014 edition.

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