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  • Two artists in overalls mixing paints in a large warehouse studio.
    Art Jameel / British Council: Anhar - Culture and Climate Platform
    Anhar: Culture and Climate Platform is a new programme from Art Jameel and the British Council that supports ambitious arts projects that engage with the climate emergency. Applicants must be based in one or more of the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya , Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.
    Posted 6 October 2023
  • Intermix Residency - Art and Fashion Reimagined.
    Intermix Residency – Art and Fashion Reimagined Residency (Saudi Arabia)
    Te Intermix Residency Programme in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia welcomes applications by Saudi and international emerging and mid-career visual artists, fashion designers, and curators aged 21 or above who are willing to develop a production or research-based project related to the topics of innovation, transformation, and sustainability. Residencies will take place from 22 October 2023 – 4 January 2024.
    Posted 1 September 2023
  • Wavy grey and yellow speckled shapes interlock and flow around one another.
    Riyadh Art: Open Call for Tuwaiq Sculpture 2024, ‘Dimensions of Movement’ (Saudi Arabia)
    Artists are invited to send their proposals for the 5th edition of Tuwaiq Sculpture, an annual sculpture symposium that brings artists together to create public sculptures that later become an integral part of Riyadh’s urban fabric. The Symposium will run 14 January - 10 February 2024, with 30 participants.
    Posted 16 August 2023
  • In a gallery textile artworks depict domestic scenes.
    Art Jameel: Curatorial Open Call for Exhibition Proposals (Saudi Arabia)
    Art Jameel launches a curatorial open call for exhibition proposals, to be developed for Hayy Arts’ first floor gallery at Hayy Jameel in Jeddah for May 2024. The call is open to curators and collectives (with a focus on early-career curators) working anywhere whose research and exhibition making engages with the following topics: Jeddah/ Hejaz histories; Red Sea ecologies; Red Sea histories of migration – the movement of people and ideas; connected geographies across the Red Sea (e.g. Egypt, Saudi, Yemen, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Palestine, Jordan).
    Posted 15 August 2023
  • Mophradat
    Mophradat: Orbitals Research Trip for Curators and Researchers (Senegal)
    Orbitals is a recurrent programme which takes four curators and researchers from or living in the Arab world to an international location to learn about a different artistic context. This year’s edition will take place between 4-14 December 4 2023 and will be an introduction to the art scene in Dakar, Senegal.
    Posted 9 June 2023
  • Mophradat.
    Mophradat / MaerzMusik: Collaborative Music Residency with Ensemble Adapter (Germany)
    Mophradat is collaborating with MaerzMusik in Berlin on a special residency programme open to musicians, composers, producers, sound, and interdisciplinary artists to work collaboratively with the Berlin-based Ensemble Adapter on new work to be presented at MaerzMusik festival in 2024. There will be two working sessions with the ensemble from 15 November – 15 December 2023 and 1 February – 25 March 2024. Applicants must be composers from or living in the Arab world.
    Posted 30 May 2023
  • A dancer on a dark stage spreads her arms wide, as if about to take flight.
    Ezzat Ezzat Contemorary Dance Studio: Contemporary Dance Night Residency Programme (Egypt)
    The seventh edition of Contemporary Dance Night will take place in the last quarter of 2023, in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt between late November and early December 2023. Choreographers from Egypt and partnered countries can apply with new creations for a two-month residency where they will work with Egyptian dancers/artists. The call is open to young and mid-career contemporary dancers and choreographers who are a citizen or resident in Egypt, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany, America, and the Arabic region.
    Posted 7 April 2023
  • Cultural Mobility Funding Guide for the international mobility of artists and culture professionals - Focus on the South Mediterranean Region
    Mobility Funding Guide to the South Mediterranean Region
    The main objective of this Cultural Mobility Funding Guide is to provide an overview of the funding bodies and programmes that support the international mobility of artists and culture professionals travelling from/to 8 South Mediterranean countries and territories, namely Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Tunisia, the South Italian islands (Sicily, Pantelleria, Egadi Islands, Pelagie Islands), and the Spanish territories of Ceuta and Melilla.
    Funding Guides
    Posted 20 February 2023
  • Open Call IN(EXILE) LAB
    IN EX(ILE) LAB: Open Call for Artists in Exile (France, Portugal, Cyprus, Italy)
    IN EX(ILE) LAB are looking for artists in exile who want to develop a performance. If you are an artist in exile, currently based in Cyprus, France, Italy or Portugal and you have (or would like to develop) an artistic practice that relates to performance then IN EX(ILE) LAB wants to hear from you. Activities take place over the period from May 2023 to July 2024.
    Posted 13 February 2023
  • Halaqat - Exploring Cultural Links Between Europe and the Arab World
    Halaqat: Lessons for the Future
    Mobility, Funding, Crisis as a Permanent State, Fair Cultural Relations, Sharing of Expertise. These five topics were the end point of the Lessons for the Future the Halaqat experts drafted together in Brussels in May 2022. These Lessons for the Future have established the path by which improved cultural relations between Europe and the Arab world can be achieved.
    Posted 9 January 2023
  • NUR Open Call 2022
    NUR: Call for Proposals for a Photography Exhibition on Arabic Society and Culture (Spain)
    Casa Árabe and PHotoEspaña jointly present the third edition of NUR, an open call for applications for a photography exhibition on contemporary Arab culture that will be displayed at Casa Árabe’s premises as part of the 26th PHotoESPAÑA International Photography Festival, within its official programme, to be held in 2023.
    Posted 28 December 2022
  • ALFinMOTION Open Call for Participation
    Anna Lindh Foundation: ALFinMOTION Cross-sectoral Mobility Programme for the Mediterranean
    In a post-Covid-19 recovery context the Anna Lindh Foundation is ensuring thriving Civil Society National Networks through ALFinMOTION, its interdisciplinary cross-sectoral mobility programme across the region. Each mobility submission must be presented by a host organisation (applicant) and can involve, depending on the mobility modality, up to two hosted organisations from the complementary shore of the Mediterranean. Priority will be given to submissions where all the involved organisations are members of the Anna Lindh Foundation from the 41 National Networks and to submissions led by ALF members.
    Posted 16 December 2022
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