Fanny Bouquerel

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  • Cover for MENA Region Mobility Guide. Text on solid green background.
    Mobility Funding Guide to the Arab Region
    Our guide to cross-border mobility for artists and cultural workers from and travelling to the Arab Region. This cultural mobility funding guide lists national, local and international resources from both public and private funders. Two kinds of opportunity are included: outgoing and incoming. The outgoing opportunities are for nationals and residents of Arab Region countries wishing to travel outside their country. The incoming opportunities are for nationals from other regions who want to travel to Arab Region countries.
    Funding Guides
    Posted 22 July 2020
  • Cover for I showed her my work and so she started to know me. Text on a white background, with subtitle 'Until you eat together ten times, you can’t work together'.
    I showed her my work and so she started to know me
    Case studies of international collaborations within and with the Med region. Commissioned by the European Cultural Foundation.
    Posted 23 June 2011