Funding cultural mobility – other tips and resources

As an artist, a cultural professional or a cultural organisation, whatever the features of your cultural mobility project, you may consider :

1)  Asking for/getting information about possible funding opportunities from your ministry of foreign affairs, embassy (located in your country of destination) or, when applying, national cultural institutes (e.g. through the EUNIC network);

2)  Getting information from cultural information platforms or offices at an international, national or local level;

3) Searching for private companies/foundations which may have business between your country and your country/countries of destination;

4) Checking with your city or region whether there are special funding schemes related to your country/countries of destination;

5)  Asking advice to friends or contacts who may have participated in a mobility project in your country/countries of destination;

7) Getting fund through a crowdfunding platform. You may check the report Report on Crowdfunding Schemes in Europe and their Legal Implications on the website of the European Expert Network on Culture  (pages 51-59 for the weblinks)

Finally, If you search for current funding announcements, please check OTM's News section and/or seach by topic:

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