Funders & Partners


On the Move has, since 2010, been supported by the Ministry of Culture – France.


In order to diversify its sources of funding, On the Move develops partnerships with networks and organisations to :

- facilitate training, meetings, information sessions on cultural mobility issues and related subjects (examples : Réseau en Scène Languedoc Roussillon, Spectacle vivant en Bretagne, ODIA Normandie, Arcadi, IETM, CIFAS, Futurs Composés, MedCulture, ENCC-European Network of Cultural Centres, Kulturförderpunkt BerlinKulturStiftung des BundesMedCulture, Taiwan Art Space Alliance, European Music Council, Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe, Cambodian Living Arts, My Performing Arts Agency-Malaysia etc.)

- facilitate the dissemination of information related to cultural mobility (Examples: Culture Agora in 2016; European Music Council / International Music Council in 2017)

- contribute to guides, tooolkits, articles, research papers on cultural mobility issues or recommendations on international positioning of organisations (examples: Cambodian Living Arts, Asia-Europe Foundation / Culture360, DutchCulture / TransArtists, ENCC-European Network of Cultural Centres, Circostrada, Le Laba, Eleusis2021, British Council etc.)

- coordinate evaluations for projects and networks related to cultural mobility with IN SITU, IETM and European Theatre Convention

- translate documents from English to French (IFACCA)


On the Move is part of six EU funded projects :

-       Creative Tracks (coordinator: Inova+)

-       IN SITU ACT (coordinator: Lieux Publics)

-       Creative Climate Leadership  (coordinator: Julie’s Bicycle)

-       European Theatre Lab: Drama Goes Digital (external partner for the evaluation - in partnership with European Theatre Convention) + European Theatre Convention - EU funded project, ENGAGE (external partner for the evaluation)

-        Creative Network for Culture (coordinator: Creature)


On the Move is a member of ECAS-European Citizens' Action Service ; IETM - International Network for Performing Arts and CEASCO - Centre for the Advancement of Civil Society Organisations.


For former funders and partners, see the history of On the Move and the list of our news.