Endorse the Charter

Endorsing the Charter means that you want to make sure that the way you practice, fund or support in any way mobility respects social and environmental standards.

If you cannot endorse the Charter (e.g. because you're an institution or a network and you need to consult your members or hierarchy before signing...), you can still recommend it to others or use is as a reference: write mobility@on-the-move.org for more details!

What happens when you endorse it?

Endorsing the Charter is the beginning of your journey towards a more sustainable and responsible way to deal with cultural mobility. After endorsing, you will receive a message from the OTM team and tools to assess your current mobility practices, to define objectives of improvement and to exchange with other organisations.

Why endorsing the Charter?

A busy agenda can kill the highest ambitions... that's why On the Move is here to help: we ease your contacts and exchanges with other organisations which have committed to the Charter, we send you reasonable periodic updates, we signpost you to relevant information sources, and we organise periodical workshops and meetings to put you in touch with other organisations and external experts. If you are a member of On the Move the workshops and meetings are free of charge and we take care of a part or all the travel costs. 

Is something still unclear? Write us: mobility (at) on-the-move.org

Endorse the Charter

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