On the Move's Charter for policy-makers

The online toolkit to improve the way you support and promote cultural mobility!

If you are a policy- or decision-maker at the local, regional, national level and you are in charge of cultural, social, economic, environmental policies, and/or you deal with national and foreign affairs, including cultural diplomacy, visas and work permits... the respect of the following criteria ensures that the decisions you make create the conditions for a sustainable and responsible mobility of artists and cultural operators. 

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Visas & cultural mobility

1. Ease the mobility of artists and cultural professionals working across borders.

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Social aspects of mobility

1. Ensure sustainable working conditions for artists and cultural operators active across borders.

2. Include artists' mobility in a wider and longer-term perspective which encompasses cultural, social and economic policies.

3. Recognise the importance of artists’ contribution to society, as well as the specific characteristics of the sector – notably in terms of imposed flexibility and shorter career durations for some professions.

4. Ensure a cross-ministries approach for the adoption of simpler conditions for the mobility of artists and others working in the culture sector. 

5. Improve and make more effective the distribution of funding to cultural activities, taking into account international mobility.

6. Support the creation / development / coordination of information providers about cultural mobility. 

7. Reinforce cultural mobility objectives within cultural diplomacy / international cultural cooperation policies and programmes.

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Environmental aspects of mobility 

1. Commit to environmental issues through crosscutting strategies

2. Build the capacity of the cultural sector to deal with environmental issues

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...and now?

1. Download this Charter as a pdf and discuss it within your organisation

2. Endorse the Charter: let us know that you agree with all or certain principles and commit to take them into account when you make decisions having an impact on cultural mobility

3. See what other organisations are doing to improve their mobility practices, get in touch, get inspired, inspire others and share your experience - or simply let us know that you're using the Charter