On the Move's Charter for funders of mobility

The online toolkit to improve the way you support cultural mobility!

If you are a public institution or body which funds cultural activities, including international activities, and/or specifically mobility projects; or if you are a private foundation or organisation which funds the mobility of artists and cultural operators, either in a certain region, for specific disciplines or according to other criteria... so, if you fund cultural mobility, the respect of the following criteria ensures that you fund mobility practices that are respectful of social and environmental standards.

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Visas & cultural mobility

1. Do your best to ease the mobility of artists and cultural professionals.

2. Acknowledge the problems related to visas.

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Social aspects of mobility

1. Ensure fair working conditions for artists and cultural operators active across borders.

2. Adopt a cultural diversity dimension in the overall mission and activities of mobility programmes and grants.

3. Pursue mobility programmes and schemes that support productive mobility experiences. 

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Environmental aspects of mobility

1. Commit to environmental issues

2. Include environmental standards among the criteria to assess your support to cultural mobility.

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...and now?

1. Download this Charter as a pdf and discuss it within your organisation/institution

2. Endorse the Charter: acknowledge which principles you already respect and commit to improve in the future

3. See what other organisations are doing to improve their mobility practices, get in touch, get inspired, inspire others and share your experience - or simply let us know that you're using the Charter