On the Move's Charter for cultural operators

The online toolkit to improve the way you practice cultural mobility!

If you're an artist or a cultural operator (manager of a company, artistic director, producer, technician, manager of a cultural center, researcher, etc.) and you are mobile, work internationally, invite/host foreign artists/companies/operators - so, if you practice mobility, the respect of the following criteria ensures that you practice and support a mobility that is respectful of social and environmental standards.

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Visas and cultural mobility

1. Ease the mobility of artists and cultural professionals you invite / send abroad as far as visa procedures are concerned.

2. Raise awareness on obstacles related to visa issues at different levels: national – international, political-social. 

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Administrative & social aspects of cultural mobility

1. Ensure sustainable working conditions for the artists and cultural operators you work /collaborate with / employ.

2. Consider the social and economic issues at stake whenever cultural mobility takes place. 

3. Be present in policy development, decision-making processes and their implementation at all levels.

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Environmental aspects of cultural mobility

1. Commit to environmental issues.

2. Understand the environmental impact of your mobility practices.

3. Improve the various aspects of your mobility practices.

4. Communicate your impacts and improvements.

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...and now?

1. Download this Charter as a pdf and discuss it within your organisation

2. Endorse the Charter: acknowledge which principles you already respect and commit to improve in the future

3. See what other organisations are doing to improve their mobility practices, get in touch, get inspired, inspire others and share your experience - or simply let us know that you're using the Charter.