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Wondering how to improve the way you practice or support mobility?

Get inspired by the organisations having already endorsed the Charter - and consider endorsing the Charter, if you haven't yet, or joining one of the events we are organising...

"Kulturfabrik in Luxembourg, is a first flagship project in bringing sustainability and culture together. We support this charter because we believe this topic not yet enough implemented in the artistic sector". (René Penning)

"I firmly believe that the cultural sector has to start caring about sustainability. We need to be connected and spread out the word" (Sara Manzanares Rubio, Museo go green, London, United Kingdom)

"I want to contribute to assessing current mobility practices and to improvement of the mobility conditions. Furthermore, having direct contact with other members of On the Move should help in expanding the possibilities to communicate about mobility and could lead to new collaborations". (Marta Klepo, BADco, Zagreb, Croatia)

"I agree with this Charter. This is possibility in improving of our mobility practices. Thank to On the Move team for all that they do. Here in Bulgaria, especially for culture workers out of country capital it's so important to be in touch with world art news". (Hristiyana Stomonyakova, Ruse Art Gallery, Bulgaria)

"Raising awareness on cultural mobility in Turkey is important because of visa issues, cultural understanding and life practices. It is not easy to travel outside Turkey due to economic and diplomatic relations" (Ozge Celikaslan, Koza Visual Culture and Arts Association, Turkey)

"We need a real policy to support cultural mobility between the North and the South to allow artists to work. To allow a smooth is crucial for the sake of intercultural exchange" (André Majors Akoa, Association Culture Spectacle, Cameroon)

"I wish to sign the Charter, for various reasons, we organize cultural exchanges and artistic residences in our city, aiming awareness of cultural diversity, social inclusion, leading to receive Brazilian culture and world culture, disseminating and learning and sharing knowledge. There are several obstacles, among them the most important is the funding of travel and stays to the artists. We only have little help, which limits the actions of our activities. Would welcome partnerships, information, and even courses to help us improve our projects. (…) Finally, we seek to offer help and also within our means welcome artists, colleagues and friends of the arts". ( POLICARPO, ECCOS, Brazil)

To go further: Other Charters and advocacy actions to support a fair cultural mobility:

“The Roberto Cimetta Fund developed something new, an ethical charter. The aim of this ethical charter was to define our values and make sure that our partners and grantees share the same values.When an artist receives a grant he or she is asked to agree with the charter. Cultural organisations should communicate their ethical values in a changing and globalised society. It's important when we establish relations with people elsewhere, particularly as conflicts are raging in many parts of the world. ". (Angie Cotte, Secretary General of the Roberto Cimetta Fund)

Check also the Istikshaf regional mobility and freedom of movement policy agenda!