On the Move (OTM) aisbl. is a non-profit international association set up under Belgian law.

It started first in 2002 as a project of IETM, before becoming an independent asbl in 2005 and a network of member-organisations from 2010. The network now counts 43 member-organisations and 10 individual members.

You can refer to On the Move's history here.


The BOARD Members are:

Anna Galas-Kosil, President

Pavla Petrová, (Czech Arts and Theatre Institute), Secretary

Marie Fol, Treasurer

Yohann Floch (Fresh Arts Coalition Europe), Administrator

Kamma Siegumfeldt (individual member), Administrator


The STAFF operating at On the Move:

Marie Le Sourd, Secretary General
e-mail: mobility (at)

Maïa Sert, Project manager

e-mail: info (at)


For the translated versions of the summaries of the newsletter, On the Move receives the support of its members and former staff: SGAE Foundation (Spanish version), IGBK (German version) and Chiara Baudino (Italian version).

On the Move’s secretariat  ocasionnally works for specific projects and tasks (reports, researches, meetings, editing, translations etc.) with a circle of researchers, consultants, project-managers and/or cultural professionals such as Jesica Gallego Gómez (Spain), Hannah Van Den Berg (Wales), Alexandra Dreyfus (France), Mary Helen Young (UK/USA),  Ramona Laczko-David (Romania/Singapore), Chrissie Faniadis (Sweden),  Lara Bourdin (Canada), Chiara Baudino and Aida Bruni (Italy).

For ERASMUS+ advice, On the Move collaborates with Charlotte Bohl-Mustafa, SOMANY (France).