10. Articles and other resources

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10. Articles and other resources:

Articles related to arts, the pandemic and the after pandemic: 

From offline to online: Dutch international cultural highlights in the COVID era by DutchCulture* - link


What a museum should look like in 2020 - link

After Covid-19, museums need to plan ‘must see’ exhibitions instead of blockbusters - link

This is how COVID-19 has changed media habits in each generation - link

L’art après le virus : Sept questions pour un secteur en difficulté link

Art in Times of Corona: FAAM Utrecht - link

Creative Residencies at Home: Physical Distance Outweighed by Close Community - link

Getting Our Act Together by Christos Carras - link

'It's like our future has gone': visual artists facing existential threat post Covid-19 - link

Art Basel’s Marc Spiegler: ‘The future of the art world is not digital’ - link

Why COVID-19 Is an Unprecedented Opportunity to Radically Rethink Arts Funding - link

Cooperative City in quarantine #culture - link

Voices from the World. How to Respond to the Crisis in Culture? - link

What role can art collectors play in an art world adversely impacted by COVID-19? - link

Crise sanitaire: la circulation internationale des artistes et des oeuvres - link

 Maarten Doorman on Translocality in the Arts - link

Hawaii Considers an Explicitly Feminist Plan for COVID-Era Economic Recovery - link

Can the Global Art Fair-Industrial Complex Survive COVID-19? - link

TransArtists* interviewed the director of CiteĢ internationale des arts in Paris* about the importance of art, artists and parnerships in times of COVID-19 - link

 BJCEM: Respond, react, evolve., Food for thought on new directions - link

 International Arts Management & COVID19: The cultural ecosystem endangered - link

Le virus de la recherche - La recherche face à la crise du Covid-19 - link

Conflict of interests by Claire Cunningham -  link

A chat with Dr Ong Keng Sen: is the digitalisation of the arts a passing trend or here to stay? - link

#voicesfrom collected by Kulturinbewegung - link

The creative economy post Covid-19 (South Africa)  - link

Has Anyone Asked Artists What They Need? - link

An extraordinary festival in an extraordinary year - link

What should we expect from art in the next few years/decades? And what is art, anyway? An article with Carmen Salas, independent curator and producer - link

The cancellation of the Edinburgh festivals has given the city a chance to rethink them - link

Per una nuova ecologia del lavoro - link

Goethe Institut - Days afterthoughts - link

On the Biennales' Ruins, Inhabiting the void, covering the distance by Marco Baravalle - link

‘Politicians Always Profit From Fear’: Ai Weiwei on How the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Heighten Political Turmoil, and the Role Artists Should Play - link

Art and Culture After Covid-19 - link

Arts in lockdown: I curated my own three-day online festival. Now it’s over, and I am wrecked - link

Culture and Democracy – A Few Thoughts about the Future of Arts and Culture in Times of Pandemic - link

 Galleries worldwide face 70% income crash due to coronavirus, our survey reveals - link

How Sustainable is the Art World Going Online during COVID-19? - link

 La fragilisation du secteur événementiel invite à un changement de modèle - link

Covid-19 sparks questions about arts in the digital age - link

New mobilities after the lockdown: How about retooling the airline industry? - link

Yuval Noah Harari on COVID-19: 'The biggest danger is not the virus itself' - link

Covid-19 : « Ne nous attendons pas à un après ressemblant à une aube radieuse » - link

Art field in lockdown (via the Flanders Arts Institute) - link

As we turn to creativity in isolation, the coronavirus is a calamity on top of an arts crisis - link

How the music industry can learn from the Covid-19 to become more sustainable - link

The pandemic is a portal by Arundhati Roy - link and video report

Italian artist Chiara Bersani on COVID-19 and disability - link

I Had the Coronavirus. It Made Me Think About How the Art World Recovers - link

Why Covid-19 Might Be Our Chance to Reimagine the Arts - link

The Forgotten Art of Assembly, Or, Why Theatre Makers Should Stop Making - link

Will we relive apartheid-style ‘epidemic expediency’ with the coronavirus? - link

Les artistes d’Afrique de l’Ouest conjurent le coronavirus - link

Where to land after the pandemic? (Bruno Latour's questionnaire) - link

Mobility in the Arts (Africa) - link

Scientists translate coronavirus spike protein into music, revealing more about its structure - link

Artists are getting us through COVID-19. Never question their value again - link

Together we are stronger than the virus - link

What are we saving and why? - link

How Arts organisations can survive a pandemic - link

Social justice in a time of social distancing - link


Resources including on working remotely:

◊ Creating a Culture of Play via Zoom via Howlround* - link 

Which video conferencing mobile application to reduce your impact? - link

Five Lessons Learnt Facilitating Large Scale Remote Brainstorms - Some updates after recent workshops with IETM and the Leuven arts field (May 2020) - link

21 things we learned from hosting our first online party - link

Comment télétravailler léger - link

Online Tools for Working Remotely via ELIA - link

Howlround* - How to Produce a Livestreamed Event - link

 Public Stack: the alternative internet - link

How to facilitate a remote brainstorm with 60 people? Tips from a remote conference part of the RESHAPE Creative Europe project - link

 Reshaping Zagreb Intensive: How We Switched From Physical to Digital - link


For the overall list of resources 'Coronavirus: Resources: Arts, Culture and Cultural Mobility', done in partnership with Circostrada, follow this weblink.