5. Governmental / public bodies + private organisations: readjustments of existing schemes and/or new funding schemes (at international, European and national levels)

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For the overall list of resources 'Coronavirus: Resources: Arts, Culture and Cultural Mobility', done in partnership with Circostrada, follow this weblink.

Organisations with a * are On the Move's members

 Last update: 22 November 2020 (latest updates with the sign ◊ ) 

(photo @ Wimo Ambala Bayang, Long time no see, 2011)

5. Governmental / public bodies + private organisations: readjustments of existing schemes and/or new funding schemes (at international, European and national levels)

Europe / international

◊ Culture in crisis: policy guide for a resilient creative sector / UNESCO- link

OECD Policy Responses to Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Culture shock: COVID-19 and the cultural and creative sectors - link

The best COVID-19 support for the arts around the world - link

European Cultural Foundation and Culture Action Europe - link

KEA: A short analysis on national COVID-19 support measures for the CCS in the EU - link

KEA unveils interactive visualization on national measures to mitigate the COVID-19 impact on CCS - link

Covid-19 responses by countries (updates by UNESCO) - link

Updates by IFCCD - link

Wikipedia page (including a subection on funding): Impact of the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic on the arts and cultural heritage - link

List of responses to the arts and cultural sector by governments in Europe to the Covid 19 situation - List by EUNIC, link (+ additional links - link)

List by Contemporary Lynx of emergency grants and funds (International) - link

COVID-19 : Art and Culture Resources in Africa and The Middle East (including funding) - Link EN / FR / AR

Global responses to Covid19 in the arts and cultural sector by IFACCA / Regularly updated - link (newsletter 17 April)

Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in time of coronavirus (Europe) / Regularly updated - link

Government responses to the impact of COVID-19 on the arts and creative industries / Regularly updated by BYP group - link

UCLG Culture 21The cultural mobilization of cities and local governments in the COVID-19 crisis (including funding) - link

European Foundation Centre > Updates of Private Foundations' funding schemes related to the coronavirus (including in some cases for the arts and cultural sector) / Regularly updated - link

KEA European Affairs: A collaborative map to track the coronavirus policy measures / Regularly updated - link

Information about grants and loans in the UK, US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy to help you get through the Covid-19 crisis, by the Art Newspaper - link



Check the news section of On the Move with covid-19 related calls and funding opportunities - link

UNIMA emergency aid for puppetters - link

Covid-19 emergency fund for (visual) journalists - link

Soundcloud support for artists - link

Global open call for art - link

Spotify Announces Music Relief Project to Combat Coronavirus Disruption - link

Citizens for Europe - Online mobility grants - link

Hire artists' platform - link

Solidarity fund for photographers, The Photographers' fund by Formart - link

Europe: Support in the Live Music Sector - link


Independent / Private initiatives: 

European Cultural Foundation > Culture of Solidarity Fund (second call) - link

Open Call for Syrian Artists by coculture - link

Eyebeam > Rapid Response For A Better Digital Future (Online) - link

European Cultural Foundation > Culture of Solidarity Fund (closes on 27/4) - link

Art Jameel: platform to support independent art practitioners (MENA region) - link

Follow your art - link (including a donate function)



European Commission

European Commission: State aid: Commission adopts Temporary Framework to enable Member States to further support the economy in the COVID-19 outbreak - link

European Commission > Call for tender to support the cross-border circulation and digital distribution of performing arts works - link

How the EU responds to the coronavirus outbreak in support of the cultural and creative sectors - link

State aid: Commission approves €38 million Swedish scheme to compensate damages caused by cancelled or postponed cultural events due to coronavirus outbreak - link

Questions and answers in relation to Creative Europe in the context of the Covid-19 - link

COVID-19-related measures under Creative Europe (8 April) - link

Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative (including the EU Solidarity fund) - link

European Commission (Creative Europe programme)

Latest update (25 March 2020) - link

First update - link

European Commission (ERASMUS+ programme): 

Coronavirus outbreak - deadlines for applications extended for the ERASMUS+ programme - link / link


Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Envision 2030 strategy is to establish mutually beneficial partnerships to contribute towards the ‘improving lives and livelihoods’ of the DUT community and society - link

Covid-19 : Le Fonds Africain pour la Culture lance SOFACO, un fonds de soutien aux artistes (date limite: 30 juin) - link / SOFACA African fund for Culture (deadline: 30 June) - link

Arab region:

What is Stand for Art? fund by Culture Resource - link




Fondo Desarrollar: apoyo económico para espacios culturales - link


The Australia Council has welcomed the announcement of an industry specific support package for the cultural and creative industries - link

Measures in time of coronavirus - link


Austrian Government Establishes 90 Million Euro Fund for Freelance Artists - link


Flanders: De cultuurcoronapremie voor de kwetsbare kernspelers - link

La loi de soutien aux artistes est (enfin) passée (10/7) - link

COVID-19 : Mesures de soutien budgétaire aux bénéficiaires de subventions accordées par la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - link

WBI: Soutien aux opérateurs culturels dans le cadre de la diffusion internationale - link

Union des artistes : Fonds sparadrap - link

Le gouvernement bruxellois débloque 8,4 millions d’euros pour le secteur culturel - link

Fonds 304: aide pour la formation à distance  - link

Covid-19 : accès du secteur culturel au fonds d’urgence de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - link

Wallonie Bruxelles International : Covid-19 : Informations sur les aides à la mobilité pour les acteurs culturels - link

Flanders - Overbruggingsrecht voor zelfstandigen (Coronavirus) - link

Wallonie Bruxelles (Théâtre / Danse) - link


Covid-19 Botswana MYSC Financial Relief Fund Programme Arts & Culture Sector - link


CBC/Radio-Canada and Canada Council for the Arts announce the "Digital Originals" funding initiative to support the arts community - link

Sobey Art Foundation and the National Gallery of Canada share prize among longlisted artists - link

How Arts Funding Is Being Affected by COVID-19 (26 March 2020) - link

Canada's National Arts Centre and Facebook will pay musicians for livestreams (19 March) - link

Putting People First: COVID-19 and the Canada Council for the Arts - link


Measures by the Ministry of Culture: measures for the independent art sector - link


El Ministerio de Cultura informó hoy que los artistas integrados al Instituto Cubano de la Música y al Consejo Nacional de las Artes Escénicas recibirán respaldo salarial como medida para enfrentar la situación sanitaria por la #Covid-19 - link

Czech Republic:

Regular updates (including on funding) by the Arts and Theatre Institute via its Culture in Quarantine online magazine - link

Prague launches Nothing Festival 2020 in support of struggling culture venues - link

Briefing by the Minister of Culture related to the impacts of Coronavirus for the arts and cultural sector - link


Support for cultural organisations and institutions - link


Impacts of Covid-19 on the Finnish cultural sector (with information on funding) - link

Kulttuurin ja taiteen toimijoille suunnatut korona-avustusten haut avautuvat - link

Nordic Culture Point* (Finland and Nordic Baltic Countries) - link

Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes network: special support in the context of the Corona epidemic - link

The Kone foundation: artists at home residency - link

Large Finnish foundations, the Ministry of Education and Culture, and Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) to set up a special fund of 1,5 million euros - link


◊ Synthèse des mesures pour les arts visuels - link

Le ministère de la Culture annonce l'ouverture d'un fonds d'urgence spécifique de solidarité pour les artistes et les techniciens du spectacle (FUSSAT) en partenariat avec AUDIENS - link

Ville de Lyon : Création d’un fonds culturel d’urgence - link

Création d'un fonds d'urgence pour le festival OFF d'Avignon, en partenariat avec l'Association Avignon Festival et Compagnies (AF&C) - link

Mobilisation exceptionnelle de 5 milliards d'euros en faveur de la culture et des médias pour répondre aux conséquences économiques de la COVID-19 - link

Fondation Bullukian: Fonds d'aide à la création (arts plastiques) - link

Aide de l'ONDA: nouveau dispositif: La co-programmation internationale - link

Fonds de soutien pour les étudiants en école d'art - link

SACEM: annonce de rémunération pour le livestreaming - link

Ministère de la Culture : Aides à la reprise aux secteurs culturels - link

SACEM: Covid-19 : nouvelle répartition spécifique pour les livestreams - link

AFDAS: Accès à la formation : des mesures exceptionnelles pour les salariés intermittents du spectacle - link

Maison des Artistes: [Covid-19] Quelles adaptations et mesures pour les artistes ? - link

CAAP: Fonds de solidarité: Comment demander une aide? - link

Création d'un fonds d'urgence pour le spectacle vivant - link

La Société Générale lance un plan de soutien exceptionnel en faveur de la musique classique en France - link

Une veille d'ARTCENA sur tous les dispositifs d'aide en faveur du secteur culturel - link

Fonds d’Urgence pour le Spectacle vivant privé (FUSV) - link

Institut français : Guide pratique à destination des usagers dans le cadre de la crise sanitaire COVID-19 - link

Dispositif de secours ESS - link

ArtCenaAide à la création : mesures spéciales - link

Covid 19 ­ Mesures exceptionnelles de l’Adami : 11,3 millions d’euros supplémentaires consacrés aux artistes - link

Fondation Antoine de Galbert > soutien (arts plastiques) - link

Action en faveur de la culture des collectivités territoriales - link dont Ile de France - link

Netflix et Audiens créent un fonds de soutien d'urgence à destination des artistes et techniciens intermittents de l'audiovisuel et du cinéma - link

Aide ponctuelle du Cnap pour les artistes-auteurs et les auteurs - link

OARA : les engagements en faveur des artistes et des techniciens (Nouvelle Aquitaine) - link

Ministère de la culture : Vade-mecum des mesures d’aides exceptionnelles au secteur culturel - link

Ministère de la Culture : Employeurs culturels face aux impacts de la crise de coronavirus - link

Etat d’urgence sanitaire Covid-19 : le ministre de la Culture présente un premier plan d’action en faveur des artistes-auteurs (27 mars 2020) - link

Les réponses du Gouvernement aux difficultés rencontrées par les indépendants (dont les micro-entrepreneurs) - link

ONDA : aides en lien avec les annulations liées au coronavirus - link

Région Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur : Plan de solidarité pour le secteur culturel et associatif - link

COVID-19 : la SACD crée un fonds de solidarité d’urgence pour les auteurs les plus fragiles (via ArtCena) - link

COVID-19 : l'ADAMI se mobilise pour les artistes (via ARTCENA) - link

COVID-19 - Fonds de secours à la musique et aux variétés par le Centre National de la Musique - link

Les régions se mobilisent pour le spectacle vivant (18 mars 2020) - link

Mesures exceptionnelles de soutien aux intermittents et salariés du secteur culturel dans le cadre de la crise sanitaire (19 mars) - link

Communiqué du 18 mars du Conseil National de la Musique - link

Région des Pays de la Loire : mise en place d'un Plan régional d’urgence Coronavirus : 50 M€ pour les entreprises et le monde culturel, sportif et associatif - link

Ministère de la Culture: Communiqué du 18 mars - link

Contacts - link

Aides Occitanie par Occitanie en scène - link

Adaptation des aides d'ODIA Normandie - link

Mobilisation du groupe Audiens - link


◊ Germany Is Giving Out $1.3 Million to Support Nearly 100 Artists Struggling at Home With Young Children During Lockdown - link

Sonderstipendien: Bewerbungsstart am 31. August 2020 (Berlin) - link

"Neustart" ermöglicht Öffnung der Museen - link

Kulturstiftung des Bundes: Stipendien für freie Gruppen -  link

Liquiditätshilfen BERLIN: Securing liquidity in the event of acute financing needs in Berlin - link 

50 Billions Euros' aid package for artists and cultural organisations (25 March 2020) - link 

GEMA: Emergency aid fund worth up to €40m for songwriters - link

Support for the arts and cultural sector by the Minister of Culture - link (DE) 

Hong Kong

Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme - link

1000% increase (HK$5 > HK$55 million) for Hong Kong's Support Scheme for Arts & Cultural Sector to help deal with COVID-19 fallout - link


India Foundation for the Arts: Art Practices' proposal - link


Yogyakarta Beri Seniman Bantuan Corona Rp600 Ribu per Bulan - link


Arts sector gets €25m to help offset impact of coronavirus - link

Arts Council establishes Advisory Group to help address Covid-19 crisis in arts sector - link

Artist Emergency Relief Fund - link


Artists Covid-19 stimulus programme - link


Solidarity Fund for arts and culture structures in Lebanon - link


Commission approves €10 million Lithuanian scheme to support cultural and art institutions and organisations in the context of #Coronavirus outbreak - link

Lithuanian Dance Information Centre Decided to Scale Down Some Activities and Dedicate Financial Support to Dance and Circus Community - link


Soutien du secteur culturel face à l'épidémie du Coronavirus - link


Support for the arts and cultural sector by the city of Skopje - link


New Create Funding programme by Cendana - link

Cendana's responses to Covid-19 - link

Govt employs 300 artistes, musicians to perform for Malaysians online - link


Fonds Maaya - link (formulaire / lettre de parainage)


Malta Enterprise: Covid Wage Supplement - link


La Secretaría de Cultura y el INBAL darán atención puntual a artistas en el contexto de COVID-19 - link


Appel à projets exceptionnels pour soutenir la scène culturelle et artistique au Maroc via l'Institut français - link


Arts Council - relief fund - link

The Netherlands:

Fonds Podium Kunsten: special fund for the performing arts sector - link

Government pledges 300 million euros to support cultural sector - link

Amsterdam fonds for culture > Snelloket kunstaanvragen ten tijde van coronacrisis - link

New Zealand: 

NZ launches $175 million arts support package (29 May) - link

Creative New Zealand response to COVID-19 - link

Northern Ireland:

Artists Emergency Programme - link


Large compensation scheme for culture, voluntary sector and sport - link


Culture Support Fund established to fight the effects of the pandemic – link

Measures to support artists and cultural institutions (18 March 2020) - link

Artists in a difficult situation can apply for social support from the Ministry of Culture - link  


◊  Fundo de Solidariedade com a Cultura (Solidarity Fund with Culture) – link

3 new support lines created by the Portuguese Government for artists, technicians and other professionals, as well for cultural entities and for cultural facilities - link (applications closed)

AUDIOGEST (Associação de Gestão de Direitos de Produtores Fonográficos) > um fundo de apoio a profissionais do espetáculo e de produção musical - link (applications closed)

Lisboa: Cultura beneficia de apoio municipal extraordinário de um milhão e 250 mil euros - link (applications closed)

GDA cria Fundo de Emergência de um milhão para apoiar artistas em dificuldades - link (applications closed)

Official message by the Ministry of Culture - link

Cultura cria linha de apoio de emergência de um milhão de euros - link (applications closed)

City of Lisbon: Câmara de Lisboa apresenta medidas de apoio às famílias, às empresas e ao emprego - link (applications closed)

Emergency fund by the Gulbenkian Foundation - link (applications closed) 

Crise do coronavírus leva Ministério da Cultura a anunciar apoios ao setor (14/3) - link

Russian Federation:

Launch of a new large-scale initiative to support the non-profit sector in times of global instability by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation - link


Parliament: More than 60 projects supported by Digital Presentation Grant for the Arts amid Covid-19 - link

NAC: Sustaining the Arts during the Covid-19 (including a digitisation fund) - link

Eligible self-employed Singaporeans will receive S$1,000 cash a month for 9 months (26 March 2020) - link

National Arts Council’s overall message - link

National Arts Council's provision of  a one-time Capability Development Scheme for the Arts (CDSA) - link 

S$1.6 million set aside for arts and culture sector amid COVID-19 outbreak - link

South Africa:

NAC: support programme for digital innovation in time of the Covid-19 - link

BASA Artists Relief Fund - link

SA platform is helping artists earn money with QR codes - link

Mitigation plan by the Ministry of Sports, Arts and Culture - link

South Korea:

COVID-19 Rescue Package Provided by the Government of the Republic of Korea - link


Catalunya: La recuperació del sector cultural és la nostra prioritat - link

El Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte publica dos guías con preguntas frecuentes sobre la prestación extraordinaria para autónomos y ERTE en el ámbito cultural (3/04/2020) - link

Ministry of Culture and Sports: aanoucenement for support to SMEs and independent (25 March 2020) - link

Government of Canaries islands - Measures in the covid-19 crisis that affect cultural businesses and freelancers - link

20 measures from the Catalonia government for the arts and cultural sector (20 March 2020) - link

10 measures announced by the city of Barcelona (18 March 2020) - link


◊ Sweden Makes Historic Investment in Culture - link


Together now fund - link

Aide d'urgence Sécurité sociale (DE / IT / FR) - link


Ministry of Culture: Second wave of COVID-19 relief subsidies to start May 4 - link

COVID-19: NT$1.5 billion devoted to relief, revitalization efforts - link


Fonds Relance Culture - link and process to apply


House of Europe / opportunity - link

United Kingdom:

Boris Johnson pledges £1.5bn lifeline to keep UK's arts sector afloat - link

Call for Artists – Remote Access - link

FACT together, new online commissioning scheme - link

Wales Arts International* - link

Paul Hamlyn Foundation: £1 million awarded to visual artists and composers in the UK - link

Coronavirus: UK government unveils aid for self-employed (26 March 2020) - link

Arts Council of England - link


National Creative Relief Programme' to support creatives impacted by COVID-19 - link


CERF+ > COVID-19 Relief Grant - link


Critics of Color Can Apply for a New $500 COVID-19 Grant - link

TILA Studios: monthly fund beginning at $1,000 to support black women artists nationwide - link

Sundance Institute COVID-19 Respond and Reimagine Plan - link

NALAC COVID-19 Relief Efforts - link

Artists' Relief - link

Emergency initiative to offer financial and informational resources to artists across the United States - link

Luminary and Andy Wahrol Foundation > Relief fund -