6. Initiatives (especially online surveys) to gather feedback from different parts of the arts and cultural sector affected by the coronavirus

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Initiatives (especially online surveys) to gather feedback from different parts of the arts and cultural sector affected by the coronavirus


COVID-19 and Workers in the Cultural and Creative Sectors, survey by the MAX project (Makers' Mobility Pilot project, co-funded by the European Union and coordinated by European Creative Hubs Network in partnership with Fab Lab Barcelona, UPTEC and Makery) - link

Art consumption and its connection to well-being during the Covid 19 pandemic - link

FEST (storytelling in Europe) > online survey - link

European Festivals' Association: Survey: Festivals' needs and commitments - link

COVID-19 Emergency response in Europe in Arts, Culture, Cultural Heritage and Creative Sectors by Culture Action Europe and European Cultural Foundation  - link

NEMO: Museums in the time of the coronavirus - link

IETM (impacts of the Corona virus on the performing arts sector for members only) - link

Circostrada: COVID-19 / Circus Arts & Street Arts / Canceled & Reported Events - link

European Dancehouse network: EDN survey on the impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 on the dance sector - link (and related information page here)

European Music Council: Survey on the impacts of the Corona virus on the music sector - link

Effects of COVID-19 ("Coronavirus") on the European Culture and Creative Industries, by the European Business Creative Network - link


Europe / International:

◊  ¿How are you being affected by COVID-19? Survey for artists and culture professionals (Latin / Central America) - link

Art Alliance Advocacy Group: survey on the impacts of Covid-19: FR / AR ; EN /AR

Curating Expertise Museum Survey - link

ASEM Cultural Festival (the European Union and Asia-Europe Foundation) - New models, old and new audiences - link

WOMEX: Survey on the Impact of Corona Pandemic on the Global Music Community in 2020 - link

BID colabora en medición del impacto del COVID-19 en el sector creativo - link

RES ARTIS* and UCL: COVID-19: Impact Survey on the Arts Residencies Field - link

CLGU Afrique: Enquête auprès des opérateurs culturels (villes) - link / UCLG Africa: Survey of cultural operators (cities) - link

Survey by the Tallinn Music Week - link

Endorsements for the Statement on Ensuring Culture Fulfills its Potential in Responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic - link

Culture Track - survey to arts organisations (USA) - link

Covid-Initiatives: Mapping makers worldwide mobilized against Covid-19 - link

Rural Resilience Actions in times of COVID-19- link

CINARS:  COVID19 / Impacts on the international mobility of the performing arts (closed) - link

COVID-19 and workers in the arts and cultural sectors - survey for the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand by HEartS, Health, Economic and Social Impact of the Arts - link 

UNESCO > Living heritage experiences in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic - link

Survey to help African music sector address COVID-19 crisis - link

Artists in residence > TransArtists wants your stories - link




Situación laboral del sector de trabajadorxs de la danza en el marco de la emergencia sanitaria - link


Prêt de trésorerie d'urgence par le gouvernement de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - link

Wallonie / Bruxelles : Recensement des annulations de spectacle liées au covid-19 - link

By State of the Arts (EN / NL) - link


Mapping of the needs of independent artists and cultural workers - link


Covid-19 nos sectores cultural e criativo do Brasil - link


Open petition advocating urgent help to the precarious Croatian cultural sector (with an emphasis on performing arts) - link


Undersøgelse af konsekvenser for scenekunstens frie felt på grund af coronavirus - link


◊ Etude d'impact du Covid-19 sur l'ensemble des activités de la diaspora dans les industries culturelles et créatives en France - link

Covid-19 : Quelle situation pour les artistes et les personnels racisés des institutions culturelles ? - link

Ministère de la culture : enquête sur l'impact du covid-19 - link

SYNDEAC > Covid-19 baromètre - link

Conséquences du Covid-19 sur la filière musicale en Normandie - link

Impacts du Covid-19 sur la filière du spectacle vivant en Normandie - link

Impacts sur la filière musicale en Nouvelle Aquitaine - link

La FRAAP: Questionnaire à destination des arts plastiques (associations et collectifs du secteur des arts visuels) - link

CIPAC : Questionnaire des conséquences de l'épidémie de virus COVID 19 sur les professionnels et les structures du secteur des arts visuels - link

Formulaire pour les musicien.ne.s et musicien.ne.sinterprètes - link

Syndicat des Cirques et Compagnies de Création - rescencement des spectacles annulés en raison du Coronavirus - link

Formulaire par le Pôle des Arts Visuels des Pays de la Loire - link


Survey: Taking the temperature - link


Monitoraggio degli effetti del COVID-19 nel settore delle arti performative nello spazio urbano - link

Coronavirus e lavoro Freelance: un nuovo sondaggio - link


Results from the sector to be shared to the Ministry of Culture and official public bodies - link


COVID 19 - results of the second survey - link

COVID-19 follow-up: impact on artists in Malta - link 

COVID-19 impact on artists in Malta > survey 1 and survey 2


Googleform to include cancelled or postponed events - link


Inicia Secretaría de Cultura recopilación de datos del sector cultural - link


Questionnaire sur les pratiques artistiques et culturelles pendant le confinement - link

The Netherlands:

Survey (particularly for freelancers) - link

The Philippines:

Google form to evaluate the loss of artists / freelancers / gigs and events - link


GDA promove inquérito sobre o cancelamento de espetáculos - link


Impactul pandemiei COVID-19 asupra organizațiilor culturale din România - link


Effect of COVID-19 on Singapore's Arts Scene II - link

South Africa:

South Africa Cultural Observatory: Cultural and Creative Sector Responses to Covid-19: Survey - link

Impact of COVID-19 on the Visual Arts Sector of South Africa - link


National Performing Arts Center - National Theater & Concert Hall: Imagine Performing Arts Post Pandemic - link


แบบสำรวจผลกระทบของ COVID-19 ที่มีต่อเครือข่ายคนทำงานศิลปวัฒนธรรม - link

United Kingdom:

◊  Covid-19 Impact - Circus in England survey - link


Online survey by HEVA to collect information from the arts and cultural sector - link


American for the Arts: The COVID-19 Impact Survey for Artists and Creative Workers - link

American for the Arts: The Economic Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Arts and Cultural Sector - link

Site designed specifically for locals of Austin, Texas who lost work due to the SXSW cancelation - link

National Association of Latino Arts and Culture - link


For the overall list of resources 'Coronavirus: Resources: Arts, Culture and Cultural Mobility', done in partnership with Circostrada, follow this weblink.