7. Sector-specific information and advice

Please email mobility(at)on-the-move.org in case of update, correction or new resources.

For the overall list of resources 'Coronavirus: Resources: Arts, Culture and Cultural Mobility', done in partnership with Circostrada, follow this weblink.

Organisations with a * are On the Move's members

This section includes as well public webinars and online conferences where useful information can be shared for artists and cultural professionals (bottom of the page). 


Last update: 1 October 2020 (latest updates with the sign ◊ ) 

(photo @ Wimo Ambala Bayang, Long time no see, 2011)


7. Sector-specific information and advice

Europe / International:

Sector specific: Music / Performing Arts / Museums / Visual Arts: 

UNESCO platform on living heritage and COVID-19 - link

International Music Council: Covid-19 Resource Centre - link

7 DIY platforms to livestream your music - link

Guidance, resources, funding and grants for visual journalists / photographers by World Press Photo - link

FIA- International Federation of Actors (FIA) - Covid19 Crisis - link

European Dancehouse network - Dancehouses at home - link

SickFestivals - Updated listing fo postponed or cancelled festivals (music) - link

Update for Festivals (cancellations / postponements) by European Festivals' Association - link 1 / link 2

MusicxCorona daily newsletter by Bas Grasmayer - link

Hyperallergic: A daily report on how COVID-19 is impacting the art world - link

Africa: African musicians share strategies amid coronavirus - link

Italy: Live music in time of Coronavirus - link

Theatre in Italy at the time of Coronavirus - link (via IETM*)

Museums in Europe at the time of Coronavirus - link



◊ Covid-19: Impact survey on the Artist Residencies' field - link

Políticas Culturales y COVID-19 en América del Sur - link

Creative Flip report: Guiding resilient financing systems for the CCS (June 2020) - link

 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Cultural and Creative Sector, report for the Council of Europe by KEA - link

Global impact of Covid-19 on EUNIC: Survey report published - link

◊ European Festivals' Association: Report Covid-19 survey, 'Festivals'needs and commitments' - link 

Impacts of the Covid-19 on street arts and circus by Circostrada* - link

JRC science for policy report, European cultural and creative cities in Covid-19 times, Jobs at risk and the policy response - link

Cultural Pandemic, the impact of Covid-19 in the cultural sector of Portuguese-speaking countries - link

Culture, Cities and the Covid-19 pandemic - link

La Fraap (France) : Synthèse des résultats de l’enquête Covid-19 menée par la FRAAP à partir du 18 mars 2020 - link

Music in Africa Foundation:The financial impact of the Covid-19 on the African music sector - link

UNESCO Report on museums around the world in the face of COVID-19 - link

ELIA Members' Response to COVID-19 (Institutes of Arts / Europe) - link

UCLG: Culture, cities and the COVID-19 pandemic - link

American for the Arts: The COVID-19 Impact Survey for Artists and Creative Workers - link

France Festivals - Estimation de la perte économique et sociale des festivals annulés - link

13% of Museums Worldwide May Close Permanently Due to COVID-19, Studies Say - link

Cendana (Malaysia): Covid-19 impacts on the arts sector - link

Impacts de la crise sanitaire du Covid-19 sur les associations culturelles employeuses (France) - link

Counterpoints: Artists in lockdown (UK) - link

Live Arts in the virtualising world by IETM* - link

CIPAC (France): Répercussions du Covid-19 sur les arts visuels - link

Eurozine - COVID-19’s impact on cultural journals - link

Survey of US Arts Organizations Points to Devastating Losses During Pandemic / Report - link

Breaking out of the COVID-19 Crisis Restarting the Cultural Creative Industries is at the centre of an open and sustainable Europe, white paper by the European Business Creative Network - link

Survey on the impact of the COVID-19 situation on museums in Europe, First results shared by NEMO - link

IETM * > Performing arts in times of the pandemic: status quo and the way forward - link

The financial battlefield called corona (Begium with data related to State of the Art) - link


Information and support across disciplines: 

UNESCOCulture & COVID-19: Impact and Response Tracker - link

EU / Creative Europe countries: Artists and Creatives Community Covid-19 Resource platform - link

Special information page by UNESCO Bangkok Office > Focus on the Asia-Pacific Region - link

15 Ways for Artists To Make Money Remotely During Covid-19 Lockdown - link

Solidarité Covid-19 Francophonie - link

Information related to artists' residencies by RES ARTIS*: FAQ - link

Artists in residence: TransArtists' Helpdesk* - link

Covid-19 Cultural & Creative Industry - link

Find creative skills across the globe - link

COVID-19 & Freelance Artists - link




NAVA: Industry Advisory Note: COVID-19 Response - link

Work from home guidelines from Arts Centre Melbourne - link



FAQ Corona-Virus & Veranstaltungsverbot - Updates by IG Kultur* - link



Infos Covid 19 (all sectors) - link

Réseau 50 degrés Nord (art contemporain: Hauts de France / Wallonie) - link

State of the Arts / Meeting point for the Covid-19 and culture - link

Information and taylor-made advice related to the Corona virus by Cultuurloket* - link



◊ Perceptions of the impacts of the Covid-19 on the arts and creative sectors - link




◊ Reconnect the cultural sector to a state of emergency - link

Artist relief fund in Bulgaria - crowdfunding campaign - link



Canadian Artists' Representation: CARFAC responses to Covid-19 - link


Czech Republic:

Arts and Theatre Institute* - Culture in quarantine (with regular editions) - link



TINFO* updated information (7 May) - link

TINFO* - link



Ressources dans le cadre de l'épidémie COVID-19, Une initiative expérimentale de la Mobilisation et Coopération Art et Culture - link

Reprise d'activités : notes juridiques et documents utiles - link

Télétravail et déconfinement - link

Les subventions aux associations en cas de crise : une circulaire pour clarifier - link

Réseau 50 degrés Nord (art contemporain: Hauts de France / Wallonie) - link

Fil d’information et d’appui au secteur chorégraphique Covid-19 - link

Petit guide de survie à l'usage des associations en période de confinement - link

Ressources de la Malterie (arts plastiques) - link

Fiches pratiques de la Fédération nationale des arts de la rue - link 

Plateforme pour les aides d'urgences (La Réunion) - link

Pôle Emploi: COVID 19 – Mesures exceptionnelles pour les intermittents du spectacle - link

Pages actualisées régulièrement: 

- Ministère de la Culture - les dispositifs secteur par secteur - link

- Informations par le Réseau Diagonal pour le secteur de la photographie - link

- LAPAS: Informations pour le spectacle vivant dans le contexte du coronavirus - link 

- CND: Fil d'information aurpès du secteur chorégraphique - link

- ArtCena / Conseils juridiques - link

- Page ressources de Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne (inclus les liens vers les syndicats, les démarches pour centraliser les préjudices etc.) - link

- Page ressources (articles) pr Profession Spectacle - link

- La Maison des artistes - link

 - Information par le SMA (Syndicat des Musiques Actuelles) - link



- Dispositif activité partielle - link

- Information officielle du 16 mars notamment sur les manifestations publiques - link

- Information sur les arrêts maladie en période de pandémie et intermittence 

Assurance Maladie: Covid-19 : des arrêts de travail simplifiés pour les salariés contraints de garder leurs enfants - link



Touring Artists* updated information - link




Lockdown means no performances or events. So how will Artistes survive? - link



Impact of COVID-19 on the Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle sector + resources for the sector - link

Visual Artists Ireland - Virtual help desk - link

Information by Theatre Forum - link


- Information by the Ministry of Cultural Activities and Tourism - link

- Strumenti utili per uscirne professionalmente vivi - link



HEVA:  COVID-19 Resilience: Creative Industry Options and Strategies - link



- Réouverture d’infrastructures culturelles en vue de la sortie de crise du COVID-19 - link

- Informations pour le secteur culturel via Culture.lu - link


- The Impact of COVID-19 on the Cultural and Creative Sectors in Malta by ARC (27 March 2020) - link

- The impacts of coronavirus on the artists in Malta by Culture Venture (21 March 2020) - link

The Netherlands:

- DutchCulture’s Mobility Info Point helpdesk* voor gevolgen coronavirus op internationale samenwerking| - link (and information in English - link)

-  Information for design and online culture - link

 A list by Kunsten92 for all disciplines / sectors (including heritage) on initiatives related to the Corona virus - link


Resources and Aid for Philippines-based Freelance Artists, Cultural Workers, and Creatives - link


The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute* has launched a research project focusing on the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic affecting theatrical life in Poland. Link

“Anti-crisis” shield for workers and cultural institutions – link

Statement on 20 March by the Ministry of Culture to extend the restriction of public events and cultural places until further notice - link



O movimento Portugal #entraemcena - link

Coronavírus/ COVID-19 e o sector cultural - link

Regular updates on the facebook page of Polo Cultural Gaivotas Boavista



Cultura în carantină – Monitorizarea domeniului cultural în timpul crizei Covid-19 - link



The National Arts Councill is also offering one o one chats for freelancers who are the worst hit - link



◊  Research: Slovenian Cultural and Creative Worker in Times of COVID-19 - link

Motovila* >  Kako Slovenija pri premoščanju posledic pandemije covid-19 rešuje svoj kulturni in ustvarjalni sektor - link



Research: Slovenian Cultural and Creative Worker in Times of COVID-19 - link


South Africa:

SA Concerts - Advice for South African music professionals during the lockdown - link



Info Hub Covid-19 by Pro Helvetia - link

Coronavirus: Informationen für Kulturschaffende und Selbständige - link



- Relief and resources for the arts & cultural sector in Taiwan to address the coronavirus crisis in retrospect - link

- The National Theater & Concert Hall, Taipei Pandemic Control Measures [abide by the guidance of Taiwan CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]  - link

- Taiwan Art Space Alliance (TASA): information related to COVID-19: For Citizen of Taiwan
國家文化藝術基金會 National Culture and Arts Foundation - link and 中華民國文化部 The Ministry of Culture of Taiwan - link

- COVID-19 prevention guide for indoor, outdoor events in Taiwan - link


United Kingdom:


- COVID-19: Resources (including funding) compiled by Creative Scotland - link

-  Resources for disabled artists and freelancers in response to COVID-19 - link

- Facebook group: Covid-19 Outdoor Arts Information, Questions and Advice Forum - link

- covid-19 impact on-arts-workers - link

- Music Venue Trust: Advice for Venues - link



African American Career and Job resources during the coronavirus pandemic - link

- National Endowment for the Arts: Resources to Help Ensure Accessibility of Your Virtual Events for People with Disabilities - link

- Tamizdat*: Pro Bono Legal assistance - link

- National Coalition for Arts’ Preparedness and Emergency Response (NCAPER) - Principles for arts funding in the context of Covid-19 and other crisis - link

- Casting Directories Agency (donation and support) - link

- COVID-19 Resources for Artists and Arts Organizations by the National Endowment for the Arts - link

- Guild Covid19 Resources - Compiled by Matt Allan from East Street Arts - link

- Artists at Risk Connection*: List of information / resources (funding, legal advice, webinars etc.) - link

Artists In a Time of Global Pandemic (ASL & Captioned), For US-Based Freelance Artists and Cultural Workers in all Disciplines, via Holwround* - link

 - Alliance of Artists' Communities - COVID-19 Preparedness for Residencies - link

- COVID-19 Freelance Artists' Resources - link

- Covid-19 Financial Solidarity (list reached capacity / fyi only) - link

 - Self made list of contacts, resources (by shesaid.so, Aware) - COVID Resources sharing - link

Webinars / Online meetings:


* The Show Must Go On/Off-line: Green Thursdays, a series of international online discussions - link

Panel discussions and webinars with RESARTIS (2 September -14 October) - link

Under the SEA: Neighborly Talks on the Performing Arts in the Time of COVID-19 / ASEAN countries (8 August-17 October) - link

Tuesday Talks, online conversations about the future of the arts with Flanders Arts Institute  - link

Live event series - Conversations of our time by the British Council - link

Follow the Howlround* regular webstreaming via its facebook page particularly on theatre / performing arts related issues (including a daily series in partnership with Martin Segal Theatre Centre*) - link

Webinaires de l'IRMA et vidéos - link

Webinaires du Grand Bureau - link

Webinars powered by EARS and UptoLevelMedia - link

Wire series by APAM (Australian Performing Arts Market) - link 

School of Resistance - A biweekly livestream with experts of change from around the world: artists, activists, politicians and philosophers in collaboration with Howlround* - link

Weekly online workshops with EUROPEANA: Digital transformation in the time of COVID - link 


Past (including reports for some webinars highlighted in bold): 

Edinburgh culture conversations - link

Dance network Keðja's meeting (20 and 21 August) - link

Digital research trip to Mexico by Circostrada (27-31 July) - link

XTRAX Global Conversations: A new series of webinars launching in July - link

La scène numérique, la mobilité des artistes au défi des frontières - video link (EN / FR)

EUNIC Talk: Cultural Relations and Covid-19 - link

Festivals Cities conversations n°4: Festivals and Cities joining forces for inclusion and well-being (3 July) - link

Reimaginaning: Global conversations - video link

The Festival Academy: The Ateliers of Solidarity - video link

UNESCO REsiliart: Reimagining festivals in the Global South (30 June) - link

EU Circus Open Space Conversation (30 June 2020) - link

Mu.SA Online Conference: “The future of museum professionals in the digital era” | First part - video link

On curating (27 and 28 June) - link

 International Cooperations: Three Webinars for Theater Professionals
Part 2: It’s Not All About the Money - link

ICOM Webinar | Preparing for the Reopening of Museums: The Aftermath of a Pandemic (24 June) - link

New horizons to rethink transnational cooperation - video link

Deconfinement initiatives of the performing arts around the world, a webinar by CINARS (17 June) - link

Heritage Matters Webinar 5 | What Museums Post Pandemic? (20 June) - link

Adeste+ Pre-conference 15th June: “Culture and public at a turning point” - link

Europe Jazz Network: series of online webinars (till 11 June) - link

Livestreaming Panel Discussion: Reopening European Theatres hosted by European Theatre Convention's International Theatre Conference (11 June) - link

Webinar series: Possible Future(s) of Creative Economies in post-COVID-19 Europe (28 May and 4 June 2020), co-organised by Trans Europe Halles - link

Classical Next: DIY Sector Meet Up - video link

Reimiganing migration narratives (29 May) - link

The Textual Trace: Writing and Socially Engaged Practice – Fiona Whelan and Gretchen Coombs in conversation (28 May) - link

Curating No-thing with Ong Keng-Sen, curator / theatre director, Singapore (19, 21, 26 and 28 May) - link       

FEST online forum #3: Erasmus + & Oral Storytelling Rules and opportunities (28 May) - link

Resilitart: Debate on the Five Music Rights with the International Music Council (27 May) - link    

Classical Next: Festival Sector Meet Up hosted by EFA - video link

ASEF: Improve your online health - link

La OEI organiza el 21 de mayo el webinar «La cultura en Iberoamérica en tiempos de Covid19» - link        

FEST online forum 2: Applied storytelling in corona - link

Cultural Diversity and COVID-19: The Road to Recovery (14 May) - link

Rappel des webinaires et conférences en ligne par le Bureau Export - link

Circus Amidst COVID: An International Factual Update (12 May) - link

Jakarta Biennale: Artistic Directors Meet-up! Biennales of Tomorrow, Contemporary Art & Society Post-Corona (12 May) - link

Immunity of the Arts Vol.2 (8 May) - link

A new economy for the arts - Webinar by IETM (8 May) - link


Live.stream.debate | What Happens Online? (7 May) - link

In conversation with Mariya Gabriel on Recovery, Resilience and Research - EU commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth (7 May) - link

Webcast: La Cultura Durante la Crisis: El Rol de los Gobiernos Locales (4/5) - link

Racism and Orientalism: An online roundtable on racialised discourse on COVID-19 (30 April 2020) - link

Contagious Cities: Facing and Understanding the Pandemic (30 April) - link

Clore leadership programme: Building Resilience - International Perspectives (30 April) -  link

FEST online Forum #1: Stroytelling online (30 April) - link 

Placing the Cultural and Creative Industries on Top of the Political Agenda - Webinar (29 April) - link

Spring Forward 2020: The show must go on – demand!

The future of Performing Arts and Culture in Europe after Covid-19 (28 April) - video link

Where does freedom of expression remain? - Webinar by IETM (24 April)  - link and video report

Ask An Expert: The Legal Landscape of Livestreaming (USA) (21 April) - link

A free webinar from Counterculture on the post-Coronavirus opportunities for cultural organisations and artists in UK (21 April) - link

Fundraising in Emergency Situation by Culture Funding Watch (14 April 2020 in French, 16 April in Arabic and 18 April in English) - link

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and cultural and creative sectors: impact, innovations and planning for post-crisis by OECD (10 and 17 April 2020) - link - video report

UNESCO Resiliart - video report

World Art Day - State of Artistic Freedom 2020 Report Launch (15 April) - link

Middle East: Arts and Culture Panel: Adapting & Innovating in the Face of COVID-19 (9 April) - link

ART • WORK • PLACE: Emergency Session (7 April) - link

Funding in an amergency situation by Culture Funding Watch (4 April) - link

Immunity of the Arts - Web Panel (webforum on arts in public space at the time of the coronavirus) (3 April) - link

IETM*: Advocate for the future of the arts - webinar (3 April)- link

Culture as the key to unchain the SDG in cities (1 April) - link

Webinar by European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (31 March) - link

WEBINAR - Ask An Expert: Contracts, Insurance, Visas, Employment and Legislation in the COVID 19 Era - video report link

Nordic Culture Point: Webinar on Funding opportunities for cultural cooperation by the Nordic Culture Point (30 March) - link

Livestreaming Financial Strategies for Freelance Artists in a Time of Crisis (ASL & Captioned), an #ArtistResource talk with Amy Smith by Howlround* (26 March 2020) - link

Webinar di Living per "Attiviamo Energie Positive" (25 March 2020) - link

Atelier organisé par Culture Funding Watch concernant la redistribution du fonds spécial mise en place par le Ministère de la Culture tunisien (24 mars) - link

International virtual conference: « Emergency response Mechanisms : what can inspire us for the CC sector ? » by Culture Funding Watch and the Rambourg Foundation (20 March) - link / report > link

Webinar: Artists In a Time of Global Pandemic, For US-Based Freelance Artists and Cultural Workers in all Disciplines (16 March) - link


For the overall list of resources 'Coronavirus: Resources: Arts, Culture and Cultural Mobility', done in partnership with Circostrada, follow this weblink.