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  • Producers' Academy, International entrepreneurship models and strategies in the performing arts’ sector (Brussels)
    The Producers’ Academy returns for the second consecutive year and offers a new international training programme focused on entrepreneurship for Belgian, European and international producers in the performing arts (theater, dance, street arts, circus, performance). The Producers Academy is a project by CIFAS, On the Move, MoDul and Kunstenfestivaldesarts. The event is organised within the scope of Creative Tracks, with the support of the European Union, Wallonie Bruxelles International, Shenzen Design Week and the Asia-Europe Foundation. Deadline: 23 February 2017.
    16 Feb 2017
  • Analysis of On the Move News Articles 2016 - Visual mapping
    Created in close collaboration with the artist David Franklin through a staff exchange with Art Motile, On the Move is pleased to share a visual mapping of the 750+ news articles it shared on its website in 2016.This concise document presents data about the type of cultural mobility funding opportunities the network is signposting, the disciplines they cover, as well as the regional origin of funding and its various destinations in terms of regional beneficiaries.
    29 Jan 2017
  • New : Cultural Mobility Funding Guide – Brazil // Novo: Guia de Financiamento da Mobilidade Cultural - Brasil // Nouveauté : Guide des financements de la mobilité culturelle – Brésil (EN/PT/FR)
    On the Move and Embaixada Cultural are proud to present the Edition 2017 of the Cultural Mobility Funding Guide for Brazil with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication-France. On the Move e Embaixada Cultural se orgulham em apresentar a Edição 2017 do Guia de Financiamento da Mobilidade Cultural para o Brasil. O guia contou com o apoio do Ministério da Cultura e Comunicação da França. On the Move et Embaixada Cultural sont ravis d’annoncer l’édition 2017 du Guide des financements de la mobilité culturelle pour le Brésil, avec le soutien du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication-France.
    23 Jan 2017
  • In 2016, On the Move participated in 41 events!
    Check the events On the Move was associated with as a participant, speaker, facilitator etc. in 2016.
    21 Dec 2016
  • BECC Toolkit for cultural centres professionals... and not only!
    BECC Toolkit by the European Network of Cultural Centres intends to support the mobility of cultural leaders and guide their learning experience. On the Move contributed to the section: Why going international? Where to find a mobility for me?
    10 Dec 2016
  • On the Move's mobility info points' meeting, Berlin (Germany)
    On the Move’s mobility info points - organisations mostly or partly dealing with providing free information on administrative aspects related to cultural mobility* - met in Berlin on 2-4 November. * visas, social protection, taxation etc.
    17 Oct 2016
  • On the Move 'static staff exchange'
    On the Move secretariat will benefit, till March 2017, from a static staff exchange with staff from its member-organisations (eg. Art Motile, DutchCulture / TransArtists and Trans Europe Halles - Rojc Alliance). A static staff exchange may sound curious for a network like On the Move dealing with artists and cultural professionals’ mobility! However our office being mobile, this is the easiest way we found to have our members - through dedicated and engaged staff- contribute to On the Move’s website contents, analysis of data and/or evaluation. Discover more about the three persons who will contribute to On the Move till March 2017!
    15 Oct 2016
  • b.creative Conference (Namur, Belgium)
    b.creative is a global event on 2-3 November 2016 focusing on the transversal nature of the creative sector and its capacity to foster social and economic innovation. The event will associate artists, creative professionals, entrepreneurs, cultural organisations, incubators, creative hubs and clusters worldwide with a view to consider how to best support creative entrepreneurship, shape innovation and promote international collaborations through networking.
    10 Sep 2016
  • On the Move General Assembly and related meetings (Warsaw, Poland)
    On the Move’s general assembly was held on 19 May in Warsaw following the invitation of its member, the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute. On the Move representatives took also part in special networking meetings, a discussion with Eastern Partnership countries’ special guests and in a training on digital innovation and communication.
    15 May 2016
  • Creative Tracks - Connecting Creative Entrepreneurs worldwide
    Creative Tracks is a European project designed to connect existing networks of young entrepreneurs active in the cultural and creative sectors across the world.On the Move is part of this EU funded project (Creative Europe) together with Inova+, KEA, Addict, the Roberto Cimetta Fund and Librios.
    4 May 2016
  • On the Move's partnership with a new information platform in Malaysia (Arteri)
    My Performing Arts Agency (MyPAA) activated ARTERI on 1 April 2016, an online strategic platform to serve as a one-stop information portal for the Malaysian arts communities. On the Move is one of the organisations which contributed to ARTERI’s contents on cultural mobility issues.
    9 Apr 2016
  • On the Move and GALA partners about Rudolf Brünger
    The international, environmental and cultural scene lost one of his best supporters, with the passing of Rudolf Brünger on 23 March 2016. Rudolf was one of the founding members of UfaFabrik in Berlin and its executive director. He welcomed On the Move and the participants of the GALA-Green Art Lab Alliance on 14 March 2014 during a workshop on green cultural mobility facilitated by Julie’s Bicycle as well as IGBK and ITI-Germany.
    29 Mar 2016
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