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  • SHIFT - Shared Initiatives for Training > On the Move is a partner of this new EU funded project
    Climate change, gender equality and inclusion of minorities are key challenges for our rapidly changing world. Arts and culture have a recognised role in shaping societies and have the potential to significantly contribute to a better and more sustainable future for all as recognised in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The project SHIFT will provide training initiatives for cultural leaders, working together and creating paths to face such global challenges.
    12 Jul 2020
  • Livestreaming (En)forced Mobility, A conversation hosted by On the Move, in partnership with Howlround
    A public session presented by On the Move in partnership with HowlRound Theatre Commons about (En)forced Mobility moderated by Mary Ann DeVlieg with colleagues and artists from Tamizdat Inc., Touring Artists, the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN) and Cité internationale des arts, Paris. Check the video and the additional resources.
    7 Jun 2020
  • Cultural Mobility Funding Guide - Africa / Guide de la mobilité culturelle - Afrique
    The third edition of the Guide to funding opportunities for the international mobility of artists and culture professionals - AFRICA is now online thanks to the research of Art Moves Africa, the support of the Institut français and the coordination of On the Move.
    29 Jan 2020
  • Move on! > Un guide européen en 12 étapes pour votre développement à l'international
    Move on! est un guide pratique destiné aux artistes et professionnel.le.s de la culture européen.n.e.s en début de carrière internationale. Le guide Move on! présente des conseils pratiques et des ressources en ligne qui peuvent être utiles pour les artistes et professionnel.l.e.s de la culture européen.n.e.s, y compris les enseignant.e.s d’écoles d’art ou universités, issu.e.s de toutes les disciplines.
    10 Jan 2020
  • In 2019, On the Move took part in....
    Check the events in which On the Move took part in 2019, as an organiser, contributor, facilitator, evaluator etc. Interested in being partner with On the Move? Contact us at mobility(at)on-the-move.org.
    9 Dec 2019
  • Guide des fondations privées en France, Financements Art + Culture + International
    Ce guide des fondations privées en France, Financements Art + Culture + International, vise à compléter le ‘Guide des Opportunités de Financements de la Mobilité des Artistes et des Professionnels de la Culture pour la France’ , en mettant en avant principalement des fondations d’entreprises ou familiales privées qui soutiennent des projets ou des initiatives artistiques (toutes disciplines confondues) ayant une dimension européenne et/ou internationale.
    30 Oct 2019
  • Guide des opportunités de financements de la mobilité culturelle - France / Guide to opportunities of cultural mobility funding- France
    Découvrez la version 2019 éditée du guide des opportunités de financements de la mobilité culturelle pour la France. Un grand merci à Laura Jude pour cette actualisation. Le guide des opportunités de financements de la mobilité culturelle pour la France reçoit le soutien du Ministère de la Culture-France.
    29 Oct 2019
  • In 2018, On the Move took part in....
    The year 2018 was rich in events! On the Move participated in and/or actively contributed to 50 events (conferences, workshop or training sessions etc.) involving 1,500+ people in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, the Netherlands but also in Mexico, Palestine, Quebec, Australia, Cambodia, and Korea.
    25 Nov 2018
  • Cultural Mobility Funding Guide - Latin America and the Caribbean (EN / ES / FR)
    On the Move together with Arquetopia, Foundation (Mexico) are very pleased to share the cultural mobility funding guide for Latin America and the Caribbean region, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture - France, for the translation in French. Check as well the presentation video by Artists In Residence TV.
    2 Nov 2018
  • Conference - Mobility of Aesthetics: Registration now open (Poland)
    The conference “Mobility of Aesthetics” will take place in Warsaw on 12 and 13 October 2018. The preliminary programme of the conference is now available and more detailed information will be published shortly. This International Conference is co-organized by Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute and International Theatre Institute Germany with the support of the European networks ENICPA and On the Move as well as Galeria Zachęta, Warsaw. Deadline: 15 September 2018.
    3 Aug 2018
  • Policy Lab: Cities, culture and climate change: practices, models and future actions (Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018)
    An event organised by On the Move, part of the EU funded project, Creative Climate Leadership and hosted by Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018, European Capital of Culture. This event co-organised in partnership between On the Move and Julie’s Bicycle, with the support of the European Cultural Foundation and UCLG-Culture Committee, gathered speakers and contributors from: ECOC representatives (Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018 and Eleusis 2021), Julie’s Bicycle, DutchCulture/TransArtists, Welcome to the Village, Oerol Festival and COAL (France).
    23 Jun 2018
  • On the Move's General Assembly and related meetings, Lisbon, Portugal
    Polo Cultural Gaivotas Boavista welcomed on 22-24 May in Lisbon On the Move’s members for the network’s General Assembly and related meetings. You can see the photos taken during the event and still watch the video of the public session (thanks to OTM member, Howlround).
    25 May 2018
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