Liveurope 2014 - 2021: An Evaluation by On The Move

At a music gig a man rocks out on a guitar and a singer clasps a microphone. The stage is a smoky orange.

Liveurope commissioned On the Move to undertake a study to analyse the platform’s ecosystem and its related membership and examine to what extent it complies with, enriches and could also further explore the overall European public policy in music. To execute this task, On the Move teamed up with The Green Room, an organisation specialised in the ecological transition of the music sector. The final report and public summary have been edited by Judith Staines.

The short-term evaluation took place between January and March 2021. It encompassed a background research through a review of documents provided by Liveurope (internal documents, available statistics and data gathered by Liveurope since 2014, etc.), a focus group with the platform members, and a series of interviews with members and key stakeholders.

Read a summary of the evaluation on the Liveurope site.