How can you share contents with OTM (and OTM’s contents)?

For articles and researches produced by other organisations (OTM members or not), OTM publishes on its website short summaries or excerpts, providing the link to the external pages containing the full texts and/or the research. OTM is not responsible for the content of external websites to which its offers links, nor for changes in the URL addresses or contents that may occur at a later time. OTM is not in the position of checking continuously the links and contents, therefore we will be glad for any hint about changes and updates of external links we receive from our users.

Dossiers produced or commissioned by OTM are published on OTM website, with a short summary and a downloadable pdf document. OTM wants its dossiers to circulate as much as possible: its dossiers are usually published under the Creative Commons licence. We are happy to know that you share them, as long as you quote the source. However, to ease counting downloads, we ask you not to publish our pdf dossiers on other websites, but to use links to our pages (ex. if you mention one of the cultural mobility funding guides, please don't update the pdf on your website but just put the link to the page 


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