What do we publish? (OTM’s editorial policy)

We are happy to hear from you about meetings, funding, grants, training, jobs and other opportunities related to cultural mobility. Before sending your news to mobility (at) on-the-move.org however, please keep in mind OTM’s editorial policy below, which sets the criteria according to which OTM selects the “News” to publish.

** During the coronavirus pandemic we will continue to post calls that match our standard editorial policy, but will also publish calls for projects that reinterpret mobility and international cooperation. Our focus will stay on opportunities that provide good working conditions for artists and cover at least some of their costs. ** 

1. OTM & Cultural Mobility
OTM publishes news about the mobility of artists and cultural professionals which are consistent with this definition of cultural mobility. Thanks for reading it carefully.

2. Free mobility opportunities
OTM gives priority to news about calls, contests etc. which do not request the payment of fees for applications, and very importantly to opportunities which reimburse/cover at least partially the international travel costs for the selected participants.

3. International opportunities
OTM publishes news about grants and opportunities open to citizens of different countries (e.g. no news about a grant available only to citizens of one country).

4. Diversity
OTM publishes news about mobility opportunities (e.g. residencies, workshops, travel grants etc.) for artists and cultural operators of all domains, located in all regions of the world.

5. Opportunities for cultural professionals
OTM publishes news about mobility opportunities for professionals of the cultural sector (managers, operators, etc.).

6. Non commercial purposes
OTM publishes news about non commercial opportunities (e.g. no news about buying/selling works, buying/renting spaces, etc.).

7. Mobility of people first
OTM gives priority to grants or opportunities for the mobility of people over mobility opportunities for works of art (e.g. sending films or pictures, etc.).

8. Deadline
OTM publishes news about calls (residencies, applications, grants etc.) whose deadline will still be open at the date of sending of the next OTM newsletter. Newsletters are usually sent the 3rd week of each month.

9. Small is beautiful
While respecting the "diversity" criteria (see point n. 4), OTM gives space to news and announcements (auditions, calls etc.) coming from small-scale organisations (e.g. NGOs, associations etc.), often lacking strong communication channels.

10. What we don't publish
Respecting the criteria mentioned above, OTM does not work as a placement service nor as a showcase, so we can't help you with tailor-made information services nor publish your CV online to give you visibility.

Additional notes:

- On rare and exceptional occasions, OTM can make some exceptions to these rules. In those very specific cases, the reasons are explained on the web-page of the said call. 

- If your call does not meet OTM's editorial policy, you can always share your call or event information on OTM facebook page.

- Finally check the great list of websites and web-platforms which can signpost your call, compiled by DutchCulture/TransArtists - OTM member-organisation.


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