A colourful speech bubble, with text inside: 'PRACTICS: a pilot project for cultural mobility'

PRACTICS was a three-year project that took place between 2008-2011 under the EU ‘Artist Mobility’ pilot programme. Coordinated by Fitzcarraldo Foundation, it gathered existing cultural organisations from various EU countries with the aim of improving the provision of information on cultural mobility in Europe.

The project developed four PRACTICS Infopoints, offering relevant and user-friendly information to artists and other cultural workers who want to work across borders in Europe: Kunstenloket (Belgium); SICA Dutch Centre for International Cultural Activities (Netherlands); Foundation Interarts (Spain); and Arts Council of Wales / Wales Arts International.

Members of the PRACTICS group were involved in the EU expert group on mobility information standards in May 2011, which established key standards for providing information on the administrative issues related to cultural mobility. The project also formed the foundation for what later became the Mobility Info Points and informed the European Commission’s information standards for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals.