Guide to Funding Opportunities for Cultural Journalists in Europe

Cover for Guide to Funding Opportunities for Cultural Journalists in Europe. Shows a photo of a man walking a high wire that leads up from a glowing circus tent and across a dark sky.

In 2012, the partners of the EU cooperation project Unpack the Arts approached On the Move to work on a special guide covering mobility funding opportunities for European cultural journalists.

The research team quickly realised how limited such sources of funding are. It was therefore decided to revise the contents of the guide, complementing the core information with a research section and producing a more complete advocacy tool for those lobbying national and EU funders and policymakers. The research/advocacy section is based particularly on feedback given by the first groups of cultural journalists to take part in the Unpack the Arts residencies.

This document therefore has two aims: to help cultural journalists identify creative ways to fund their mobility; and to advise policymakers and funders on how to support the mobility of cultural journalists as a concrete means of enhancing cultural diversity, cultural participation, the professionalisation of cultural workers, and the importance of the role of culture in Europe.

You may be interested in this publication if you are:

  • An arts writer, critic or theorist, working for (online) magazines, newspapers, radio, television, new media platforms, or any other form of media.
  • A media professional focusing on the arts in general.
  • A writer or researcher in the cultural field.
  • Freelance, self-employed or employed by a media or cultural organisation.
  • A policymaker and/or cultural mobility funder.