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ZIDART: Call for Mural Artists, ‘Less is More’ (Romania)

A woman uses a wide brush to spread minty green paint as part of a large-scale mural.

ZIDART is a project of urban and social regeneration through street art, education and creative interactions, designed out of a desire to create a platform for social dialogue that inspires people to be present in the community and to participate in the cultural life of the city.

ZIDART - Street ART Festival is the festival that put Bacau on the international map of street art. Every year it proposes topics related to social values, ecology, community and solidarity between people and invites artists from all over the world to fill the city with colourful paintings meant to bring a positive impact on the aesthetics of the urban environment, while promoting important messages for society.

The latest edition, ‘Less is More’, embarks on a search for things that are essential. It considers ideas of human and environmental ecology, observes the impact that excess has on ourselves and all that surrounds us, and explores how the concept of minimalism can be used to optimise the design of our lives, our societies, and our relationship with nature.

Less is More is a theme about psychological, emotional, social, and material sustainability, about decluttering our lives and perspectives of unnecessary things and finding balance by focusing on what is truly important to us.

8 proposals for mural paintings will be implemented during the festival, which runs 14 August - 5 September 2023. ZIDART cover transportation costs, accommodation, daily meals, materials, and resources for the implementation of the mural painting + a general artist fee.


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