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After the first call was postponed in light of the pandemic, veiculoSUR has reopened applications for its residency project.

veículoSUR is a residency that travels internationally and serves the purpose of artistic networking. It promotes exchange and encounters between artists and cultural practitioners from six different countries – Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, France, Germany and Finland – and facilitates synergies between professional and emerging artists who explore different forms of artistic practice and production together through dialogue, collaboration and exchange.

During its second edition in 2020, the aim of veículoSUR is to empower artists and cultural practitioners who perceive themselves as ‘strange bodies’ in their practice, to enable them to acknowledge differences and cultural diversity and to understand a ‘strange body’ as one that questions normativity and embodies other narratives. A porous body that was marginalised, folklorised, dehumanised, attacked, made invisible, colonised and is subjected to a structure that makes it an object.

The residency proposes displacement as a format, both in terms of artistic creation and ideological mobility. The residency schedule will see participants visit six countries in the period May – June 2021 and September – November 2021. The continuous shift of context invites the participants to question and rethink their own practice based on a diverse dialogue.

The open call is aimed at artists and cultural practitioners based in Uruguay (nationwide), Chile (nationwide), Brazil (São Paulo/Estado), France (nationwide), Germany (Munich) and Finland (nationwide). The working language will be decided with the working group; the use of multiple languages is possible.

The organisers offer:

  • Transfer from the country of residence to the countries that are part of the itinerary.
  • Transfer between the countries on the itinerary.
  • Accommodation in all countries on the itinerary.
  • Catering in all countries on the itinerary.
  • Scholarship of 2500 Euro for the entire travel time.
  • Transfer within each country.
  • Working space and material in all countries on the itinerary.

In addition, the organisers will pay a 3000 Euro fee for the entire journey 2020/2021, divided into two payments.


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