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VAHA II: Transnational Networking Meeting 2024 for European Cultural Organisations (Germany)

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VAHA is calling for applications from cultural venues and organisations working in the context of today’s world of polycrisis for the VAHA Transnational Networking Meeting organised in Berlin between 22 and 26 May 2024. Up to 20 selected participants will be invited for networking and developing ideas for transnational exchanges of the VAHA II programme.

VAHA (meaning ‘oasis’ in Turkish) is a programme for amplifying the voices of independent arts and culture spaces that advocate for public discussion and dialogue in cities across Turkey, Europe, and neighbouring regions. The aim is to bring together initiatives that create public discussions through cultural and artistic activities in oppressive circumstances to multiply the spaces of encounter and critical thinking and to support transnational solidarity.

VAHA II started in July 2023 with the open call for cultural organisations in Turkey to form local hubs to develop regional cultural programming activities that engage with the public. Now, the programme invites cultural actors from the Council of Europe (CoE) countries to join the Transnational Network Meeting in Berlin for networking, sharing experiences and potentially developing further exchanges.

VAHA programme will cover all participants’ travel expenses such as accommodation, meals, and transportation for the events they expect participants to attend during the programme (e.g. Transnational Networking Meeting).

In case organisations partner up with one of the Turkey hubs at this meeting, the following grants will be available for the collaboration:

  • Transnational exchange grant: 7,500 EUR to organise public cultural activities or events in collaboration with Turkey hubs.
  • Learning and mobility grants: 2,000 EUR per organisation that could be applied for visiting Turkey hubs or for other training and networking trips that can contribute to participants’ knowledge and experiences.

The second round of the VAHA programme and all the activities within its scope will conclude by November 2024.


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